Moonmaid Urella

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Murder on the Moon
7/21/2015 8:03pm

Workers of the Moon -- UNITE!

Are you tired of working without the benefit of day or night to define your hours?

Are you fed up working only for tips, frequently in hard-to-exchange interplanetary currency?

Have you HAD IT with bland, no-color jumpsuits?

It's time we came together and asserted the POWER OF THE MOON WORKERS!

Hi. I'm Moonmaid Urella, Level III Housekeeping Staff on Moon Base. For too long, Moon Base has exploited our love of low gravity and dance parties and run this busy Moon Base through our hard work. We're now organizing the first moon workers union, the ULWU - The United Lunar Workers United.

Our demands include:

A minimum wage of 42 Lunar Dollars (LD) an hour.

14-day shifts

More - NO! Wait! I mean less! - PSHEDM (Psychic Sedative Hypnotic Electronic Dance Music). Now only for 7 hours a day.

Our choice of jumpsuit color. I personally am pushing for Cosmic Cobalt.

If you're a Lunar Service Worker and are ready to stand up for your rights, meet me in Rec Room 12 at midnight tonight to create our charter and start a better life for all workers on the moon!!!

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Murder on the Moon
7/17/2015 12:36pm

I'm just part of the housekeeping staff on the Moon Base. There's no minimum wage up here but the tips can be HUGE!!! Especially in the diplomatic wing.