Lily Ashes

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Sparks Fly
7/3/2017 10:56am

You know this is why I try to avoid charging.

7/3/2017 10:50am

I find it very hard to control my sparks. Sometimes I end up becoming a "human taser" and cant really be next to anyone. It's kinda awkward and I don't know how I feel about it. Also I'm new to all these extra dimensional entities. They seem nice enough, but I'm not sure I fit in.

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7/3/2017 10:37am

Well my first encounter with psychokinesis was at about 12, when I would play with fire. I found that concentrating on it allowed me to move it, touch it, extinguish it, and make it go even higher. Since then I've been honing my gifts in psychokinesis through forms of electrokinesis. While I am not telepathic, I can feel the feelings of others, and know my place. I try to hone my skills as much as I can so I can control my own personal reality.

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