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Help with Self-Help (or, Defeating the Purpose)
11/1/2016 9:01am

You know, @Harper Hiraeth, I'm NOT so sure the curdling is restricted to food. There have been some odd smells floating about the place recently, but until now I've simply been putting them down to the decomposition of my roommate's latest... project. In fact, it probably is that too, but she has also been complaining about the increased rate of decomposition. Perhaps that's the book's doing.
Apart from that, my belongings are often covered in grey mould, so I wouldn't worry.
I found the book in the library, on a table in the fantasy section. I probably ought to have checked whether it really belonged to that section after all, as I was assuming someone had took it from elsewhere.
Any help concerning the book would be much appreciated! I'd love to find out more about it, preferably in a way that ends with it no longer in my possession.
(The dorm is safe -mostly- so feel free to come by any time to take a look.)

Help with Self-Help (or, Defeating the Purpose)
10/31/2016 10:46am

Update: I think I'm really going to have to quit this health kick.
My roommate has been complaining recently about the noise at night, so I've been trying to return the book to the Library, but every time I go back into my room it's resting on my pillow. I don't want my roommate to move out, so I'll keep trying.
This system to prevent Library books from getting lost is really a bit of a pain, but I do commend the librarians for the actions taken. It is their property after all. I just wish they'd take it back.
I suppose I ought to go have another try, and maybe eat my lunch outside today to get rid of the taste of curdled food.

10/29/2016 2:22pm

I've been trying a new workout recently, and I think it's definitely interfering with my sleep schedule and appetite. I got it from a large red hardbound book from the Library- the title is scratched out, but on the inside cover it says "Self Help," so that might be it- and was very interested by the innovative workouts within it. Certainly very much my style, or so I thought. It consists of very specific movements while jogging around one's place of residence, and even supplies a helpful motivational chant for the duration of the run. I'm very pleased with the results, but I've been having some problems.
Like I said, it's been interfering with my sleep schedule and diet. Every night I go to bed at 10 pm sharp, and fall asleep within 15 minutes- over the past week, this has become impossible! I simply cannot keep a regular sleep schedule while being forced to listen to murmurs coming from the Self Help book. They seem quiet, but even with my pillows over my ears they do not decrease in volume. I'd have welcomed some warning on the blurb, dear unknown author!
On top of that, all the food I bring into the house is going off. I tried to make tea today and the milk curdled as I poured it into the mug. Then I tried to make a sandwich, but before I could take a bite, the sandwich curdled too.
I'm debating whether to complain to someone about this or not, but have not done so yet because the improvements in my muscle mass are astounding and some sleep loss can only be expected with such good results.

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