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Big Brain in the Basement
4/12/2017 5:09pm

what is the color of the minds reproductive fluid

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4/12/2017 4:38pm

I think the Stargate department has been randomly inputting coordinates and locked onto the Klendathu-system on accident. I know this incident happened some years ago and the school had to shut down for a few years to properly decontaminate it and make sure all bug infestations not natural to this planet where eliminated.

I am disappointed that teh school gave in to a few governments for many of teh bugs to test and examine . we if i recall would have been back up and running in weeks vs teh years thanks to teh world governments coming in and closing the school down.

I have informed the Stargate department to make sure the Klendathu-system is locked out of addresses to dial in so we do not have that incident happen again, My mom who works for a government power says they need more samples to test for a weapons program. she keeps trying to make me bring more bugs in . I told her no way and if she asked me to once more i would send her to the bug homeworld