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3/3/2016 9:17pm

[sees the same cat three times on campus] What are we

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3/2/2016 4:25pm

To whomever is responsible for the carnivorous plant outside the science building:
Are you feeding it enough? I was making a sandwich and it ate all of my olive loaf.

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3/1/2016 1:29pm

Hey everyone!! Let me introduce myself, I'm Cloe, your friendly neighborhood cosmic entity! Some of my skills and hobbies are listening to music, playing video games, giving life to inanimate objects, wandering around the city, building robots, bending the laws of physics, and photography. I'm an aspiring technomage, and I'm studying HeXML and Chaoscript in my spare time.
Today is my first day of classes here. I've lived on Earth for almost 3 years, and I had been going to another school since last year, but I transferred since I kinda have a hard time maintaining a stable physical form, so it became too difficult to focus on classes. I've heard great things about PsyHigh though, so I hope this year will be a great one!
I'm pretty chill, so feel free to talk! I'll be looking to see what kinds of clubs there are here, so I am open to any recommendations you have.

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