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8/10/2015 11:51pm

Advertising is powerful medicine!

Well it's another week, another Monday, at Birdy-Zappen Associates, located in the beautiful Siredale Corporate Center Phases IV and VI. First thing, I was down at the lockers, changing into my scum-scooping jumpsuit, when a project manager from upstairs comes in and asks me what I know about Fast Accurate Integrand Renormalization. Naturally I let him know my geodesics and density profiles were completely up to snuff, and so he calls me upstairs...

No jumpsuits up there! I got a t-shirt and they put me to work right away on punchlines - just throwaway stuff - hosing them down with a 10% Fast Accurate Integrand Renormalization solution. "We want to see what sticks" is what the PM said.

They've got slip-resistant rubberized grips - plus amazing fire nozzle technology. I'm totally moving up in the world. It rocks.

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8/4/2015 6:10pm

My horse bros are a lot of fun, but my folks sent me to Psychic High School to learn about business. I love blowing off steam with @Morgan the Horse Boy and the rest, but even during summer I've got to try my best. I'm the first centaur in our family to attend private psychic boarding school.

Which is why I have a summer internship at Birdy-Zappen Associates, the big big ad agency. They're the ones who work with the really Big Ideas, know what I mean? Like the I8U Divisive Lenses, Skare-D-Cat Fear Supplement, and HAVITOL (the over-consumption accelerator). Pretty much all the big psycho-political medical and food enhancers.

They don't let me work with the REALLY big ideas - mostly I've been in the warehouse, scooping the scum off the Entropy Pools and pouring it into 50 gallon drums. They use that in almost everything - TV, movies, pop music. It's not flashy, but I feel like I'm really learning the business from the ground up!

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