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Questions n Tomorrow
2/14/2015 7:49pm

Hello! Thank you for the warning. Avoid all microwaves, marshmellows, and black cats. Got it. Though I honestly wonder, why would I be in danger? One of the worst scenarios that my mind can fathom is me being dragged back into the closet, the door being shut, and the strong fumes of perfume enveloping me. I dread it. I don't want to go back, I don't want to go back, I don't want to go back, I DON'T WANT TO GO BACK!

You ask who -she- is. -She- is my guardian. To be more specific, -she- is my... older... sister... I guess most people would call -her- an enchantress, but I call her a witch. -Her- magic is -her- scents. -She- has "good scents", which makes the intended target feel happy, glad, giddy, all those good feelings. -She- also has the "bad scents". They smell horrible.

As for mind reading, it's not that interesting. I look at my target, beyond their physical self, the living structure, and into their thoughts. I've been told that I look like I'm glaring at someone when I read their mind. Or like I'm daydreaming.

Please, tell me more about you. I've been asked to be "more social", and I'm trying not to pry into too many people's thoughts. Someone told me that it's impolite to do so without permission.


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Mind reader
2/14/2015 3:01pm

Since I feel like writing something, might as well start off with an introduction. After all, what better way to start a journal than with an introduction?

I'm Cassa-Nathalie Dra, of Thentre (Cass or Cassa's fine). A girl. Newly registered. Do I have some sort of "magical power"? No I don't. It's not magical at all. In fact, it's quite natural.

I was born with the ability to read people's minds. It seriously isn't that cool, but it gives me the opportunity to look at secrets, secrets that may become useful at a later day. Also, I can see what you think of me. So please, be careful. To me, you're an open book.

Of course, this power isn't unlimited. Yet. I still get extremely tired after reading a lot of thoughts. Also, some people enjoy thinking several thoughts at once. It's a headache for me to find the thought I want, since those people shove too many thoughts and memories into my brain. It's ridiculously hard to process.

I don't like talking about me. We can talk about you, but I already know random little bits and pieces about you. Also, I might be be on the edge of insanity. -She- kept me in that closet for too long. I was deprived of oxygen. The sweet scentless air that fills me, that clears my mind. -She- wore too many perfumes. I wanted to ask -her- to let me out, but -her- thoughts of darkness, of hated, pierced my mind, my soul, my heart. Every. Single. Time.

I'm sorry. I wrote too much. I will be late. I'm still finding my way around. I hope to see you around. I haven't talked with anyone for so long! This is just a letter of introduction, for anyone who has half a mind to read through my thoughts. Thank you!

Though I am aware this is a journal, I will leave it somewhere for people to read. They'll return it, I know they will. Maybe I will meet someone nice enough to call my friend. In the meanwhile, I will lurk in the corner, and hope...

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