Alien McKenzie

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6/10/2019 7:38pm

Are you visited by strange hairless visitors at night?

Does your family observe rituals no one has ever heard of?

Are you compelled to visit remote rural areas to await... something?

Then sign up for Alien/Human Hybrid Club (AHHC) today!

Applications accepted here online, at our booth in the commons during lunch, or via the Cognizant Network at 314 THz.


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6/2/2019 8:44pm

I’m looking to start an alien/human hybrid club for students who, like me, are the result of alien breeding programs.

Unlike most alien/human hybrid clubs, we will be accepting members with any degree of alien investors in their DNA, not just first or second gen.

With summer session just beginning, find outside in the bright sunshine of the commons. I’ll be wearing a broad brimmed hat, hoodie, and dark sunglasses, because my skin is so sensitive to the rays of your sun.


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