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Need help
3/4/2016 10:13pm

Having a little trouble breaking this new Chrono-cannon in. Wasn't sure how the safety worked, and blew the Transcendent Art building all the way to the White Castle, which is at the far end of Main Street. Of 2029.

So I need to go take care of that. But @patrick, I am willing to give you a break. As a symbol of the future, I'm leaving you my Time Strap. Just like the future, it's soft and comfortable and made of terrycloth, covers the important areas, and is highly efficient. Plus: machine washable.

My winged Time Helmet will be enough for me. Good luck!

Need help
3/3/2016 12:07am

Did someone say.... TIME TEAM?!

Cruising in my Time Bubble out past the 25th century, I noticed that my uniform was feeling a little snug. It was then I realized that the soothing textures of my terrycloth time-strap had been replaced by cheap scratchy polyester!

I knew at once something had gone terribly wrong with the time stream. I looked back and saw it was RIDDLED WITH HOLES! Like frickin' swiss cheese!

So I swooped down through the centuries via the time tunnels and found the problem was emanating right here at Psyhigh. You've got a loose time-nut in the personage of a student named @patrick (no-last-name). Part-time criminal, part-time antiquities dealer, full-time trouble maker--from a stability of the chronosphere perspective.

But I'll tell you - dealing with these cases is difficult. It's not the subject's fault - they've just got a loose bolt up in the old Time Regulator. But fixing it is tricky. Generally we need to incarcerate them in the Blue Epoch Penitentiary, which exists just past the end of time. We put them in there and... well, ok, there's really no fixing them. They just remain locked up eternally. But when they're locked up in ol' Blue, they can't harm the time stream any more because they're outside of it.

So I'll be poised on campus, with my Chrono-cannon locked and loaded, ready for @patrick to appear. And when he does I'll blast him right out of time--and into Blue Epoch Penitentiary.

Have a super day, everybody!

The Time Team Annals
8/13/2015 11:19pm

Enjoying this timeline? You're welcome!

It's time to come clean - the residual concentric wave-fronts have dissipated enough that there's no harm in letting you know that I went back and averted the "time-bomb" that landed smack dab on top of Psyhigh almost one year ago.

Sure, the "time-bomb" seemed great at the time, since it gave everyone on campus god-like powers, allowing students to rise up and take control of the earth, creating an earthly paradise for every single human and cute fuzzy animal in existence.

But. Inevitably you all turned against each other and left the planet a ruined, smoldering wreck.

We had to give it a year to play out - watching it from Orbital Time Station 9 up in the 25th century - because there were some minor probabilities that it was in the best interest of the Cosmic Fugue to let it happen. In the end, however, it was clear it would destroy all the civilized timelines of the far future - including, most importantly, the Ascension Path - so I was chosen to return to your time and send the "time-bomb" hurtling harmlessly into the sun.

It was those pesky Gramek-Oi that sent it in the first place. They're always trying stuff like that.

So, if you think you've had it rough in the last year, believe me - it's better than the alternative.


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5/12/2015 6:19pm

Did someone say.... TIME TEAM?! @Atlantica or Pacific? @Scilph?

Sorry I'm late, but that's a chronic problem for a lot of us in Time Team. There's just so much to get distracted by, and being "on time" kind of loses its meaning.

I was cruising my Time Bubble out past the 25th century when I heard your call. I dialed in the Chronoscope to get a fix on your location, but it was difficult to get a read on the situation. I will say the room was a MESS! Looks like you got a visit from the Interval Team - or will get, depending on when you see this. What day is it?

Anyway, as long as I'm back... I have to say I'm curious about the @Matching by Mattie service. But the problem is... I don't have a "special" other. Can Mattie find me someone? I'm happy to send a mental image of me in my Time Team uniform from the future. I think I look quite dashing in it.

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The Time Team Annals
2/4/2015 10:27pm

I am not ashamed at all to be a boy on Time Team. And I'm not ashamed to say I like @Nova Toaster's uniforms! In fact, in the future, Nova's designs become super influential, and everybody wears them. They have been altered a bit - I am wearing my Time Team uniform from the future right now, and it's basically just a thick jock strap and my winged Time Helmet and that's it. That's all we wear in the future.

In the future we're not ashamed of our bodies, either.