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8/19/2022 11:54pm

Greetings from Deepathia, the beautiful "Suburb Beneath the Sea" you've seen the videos about.

I come bearing clams and wreaths of seaweed.

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8/24/2022 9:06pm

Kids used to tease me about my gills. It didn’t help being the only ones of our kind in town, heir to a great lost fortune in shipping and a ramshackle tuna cannery.

That was before the city sunk beneath the waves and became the Deepathia you’ve come to know though our online travel series.

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8/31/2022 6:42pm

Yeah, I wear a lot of shells.

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9/3/2022 4:04pm

My Deepathia video travel series has really blown up with realtors. You’ve probably seen the Zillow underwater walk through of the old mayor’s house.

Even though it was the mayor and her family who caused us to rise up and sink Deepathia beneath the waves I still feel that’s in bad taste. We all really need to move on.

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9/8/2022 10:49pm

And here we have Fourth Street, the core of Deepathia's business district, known for its stunning underwater promenade!

The coral arches beautifully accent the charming rusting light posts, which are original but now powered by environmentally friendly bioluminescence. Schools of native fish dart and swoop where pigeons once flew, as the happy citizens of Deepathia buoyantly stroll the sidewalks past the quaint storefronts (originally constructed before the deluge).

Contrary to rumor, the legal ownership of the shops (and for that matter all of Deepathia's real estate) is not in question, as the former land dwelling occupants have been fairly compensated by the city government of Deepathia, as per Land Reclamation Decree UCD 2365. It should be noted that the value of the land did depreciate significantly after being swallowed by the waves.

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9/13/2022 10:14pm

For generations, my family had a great relationship with city leadership. The mayor’s family was nearly as old as mine, way back to the original settlers who would perform their sacrifices in lavish ceremonies. You can see the dioramas at the city museum.

Even up until the early 21st century we had a very workable relationship. The city provided us new “denizens of the deep” on a regular basis, through various youth contests or midnight disappearances.

But years of living on the surface and interacting with the land dwellers began to drive us mad. We’re so much more relaxed after returning to the sea. We just couldn’t bear not to take the city with us.

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9/19/2022 11:06pm

The beautiful Psyhigh Aquadome you see here was built via a generous donation from the Psychic High School Foundation, with help from and endowment from Gill and Belinda Embry.

As a satellite school, we're built to accommodate a wide range of both aquatic and land-based life forms, while offering top notch psychic education in a picturesque transparent bubble hundreds of feet below the surface of the ocean.

Students are encouraged to adventure outside the bubble, sharpening their underwater telepathy skills with the local marine animals, learning the secrets of underwater farming, and training to safely sabotage deep sea drilling rigs.

Our arrangement with the neighboring Kingdom of the Sharkmen has largely ensured the safety of students on such excursions.

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9/27/2022 8:37pm

Interest in Deepathia has grown enormously, due to the popularity of my online travel series. As a result, underwater real estate is going through the roof, and it's time to expand.

Certainly, there were big lessons learned in the creation of Deepathia, so this time we're giving a number of seaside communities ample notice in the form of waterspouts in blood red skies, crab rain, sewage backups -- a wide range of ominous portents. We're also taking out radio spots.

We're especially excited because the territory we're acquiring includes a handsome 18-hole golf course, which I know is going to look just great underwater.

Till then, Deepathia always welcomes visits from divers and submersible enthusiasts -- and for students, transfer credits are always available.

Remember: with just a few arcane rituals and exposure to certain relics, you can live in Deepathia (or any of our upcoming communities) year round and never need visit the surface again!

Please make all inquiries c/o The Gill and Belinda Embry Foundation, Deepathia, Under-the-Sea.

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