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Snow at Psy High
12/12/2018 9:21am

I let myself into @Hana Song‘s room and went through her books, looking for clues on how she reached the Morozko 7. That girl sure loves her books. The Snowy Day, the Snowman, Smilla’s Sense of Snow, Doctor Zhivago (I think that last one is like a Russian Doctor Who). Her big windows were open to the snow outside, snow blowing in mixing with all the little bits of paper from all the cut out snowflakes she made with paper and scissors. There was also a microscope, a mini fridge in defrost mode, and a bunch of spare parts from psychic robotics class.

Luckily she left a handy diagram and her conjuring circle was still in place, so I recruited @Frosty Lad to grow us a big snowflake, as big as a flying carpet, incorporating various diodes and switches and automatic governors into its crystal structure. Then we flew it out the window.

The school is a beautiful sight from the air at night, silent under its blanket of snow. No shortage of levitators and broomstick-riders taking it in. Almost knocked one out of the sky as we shot toward the Morozko 7.

Docking was no problem, but where is @hanna Snow? The control deck was abandoned. There’s a big door opened to a snowy hall with a breeze blowing through, so @Frosty Lad and I are heading in, hollering for @hanna Song...

Snow at Psy High
11/28/2018 9:48pm

Have you noticed the sparkly chandelier thingy that hovers in the air way up above Psyhigh, @Hanna Snow? You can see it there sometimes when the light hits it just right. It's kind of like a UFO but it looks like it's made of crystals or icicles and sparkles red and blue. I bet it's an old winter weather machine they forgot about from some old Winter Festival or something. Could it still work? How did they control it? Is there a control room, deep under the school, where you sit behind computers and put on headsets to make it go? Or is it psychically activated? Or is it WITCHCRAFT?

Or maybe it's actually some kind of surveillance drone. But there's no way it's a regular UFO because it is FAR too sparkly.

Do you mind if the snow is not organic?