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4/24/2024 9:41am

Some people have been (rudely) asking me about why my posts have been so erratic recently. First of all, didn't your mom ever tell you it's rude to ask a writer about their writing frequency?

But to answer the question, although I may be a reclusive poet, I am, first and foremost, a student. Since you all are students too, you know that the end of school usually means finals. I took, have class finals, and have been rigorously studying in preparation.

For the record, I am still writing letters to people. But my free time that I usually spend writing posts has been taken up by studying. I've said numerous times about how important it is for me to get good grades, but finals are especially important.

Never fear, my dear readers, for I will return to my daily schedule after the school year ends. Since this is a dorm school, students stick around for the summer.

Summer is said to be a very exciting time for PsyHigh. Mind you, I'm just a freshmen, so I haven't experienced a PsyHigh summer yet, but I have very reliable sources.

My goldfish has settled in nicely, although Sam, Samuel, and Samantha don't seem to think well of him. Those pesky bat things keep trying to eat him. Speaking of which, I've received a lot more letters from the Wild Beast Containment and Protection Agency about them. They say such nonsense as,"they are an extremely rare and dangerous species of beast" and "if you don't let us eradicate them, it could cause chaos to ensue". Crazy talk, I say.

My old friend, Chester, recently sent me a letter. How nice.

Oh, and one more thing.

The Weasel Kids Group, or whatever it is you call yourselves, I hear your cries for rebellion. I say go for it, it might reveal the elusive Green Teen.

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4/18/2024 6:04am

Hey. Sorry about my last message being a bit depressing, I just had that 3am mood. Just because you can't see me doesn't mean I am not a person.

I got my goldfish. The current top name idea is Gary, given to me by Luther. Sam just wanted to name him Sam, and I got an anonymous request to name him "HEAT LAIR". The last one made me laugh a lot.

Which is why I am asking you all for name requests. I trust my fellow students to give me a good name idea. I hope this doesn't end poorly...

By the way, to a certain @Bad Geranium, I think I might have a vague idea where your flower is. But it's not gonna make you happy. I think that the flower has to be in the forest nearby the school. I mean, the flower has to take roots SOMEWHERE. But, as we already know, gang activity is plentiful there.

I can't go and help myself, but I can keep my eyes peeled for it from my little window. That's all I can really do.

I gotta hit the books, I'm beginning to fail a few classes, and I can't just sit around and let that happen.

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4/17/2024 8:31am


I'm still here.

Still writing.

Still watching the world burn.

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4/8/2024 6:06am

I finally got out. I was stuck in my bathroom for over a week. Was not very fun. I had water, but no food. I feel like I could eat a transdimensional horse. I noticed that the outside isnt safe anymore. Psyhigh is being taken over by gangs.

I refuse to take any part of it (not like I can, being stuck up here n all), but I doubt my fellow classmates will be able to resist.

Hopefully I didn't miss too much school. I was lucky enough to have some writing supplies in the bathroom, so I was able to write even when I got stuck.

I have to end this early. I have plenty of letters to write about and plenty of trails to watch over.

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3/30/2024 10:26am

My head hurts. I woke up in a throbbing pain all over. I think I might be sick. Must've been from going outside.

Not leaving your room does horrors to the immune system. Oh well, it's probably just a cold, anyways. I'm currently looking for my thermometer to take my temperature.

I don't know if I'm up to writing letters today. I mean, we'll see, but it might just be a day for me to binge-watch some shows.

Make sure y'all dress weather ready.

Besides my sickness, I've written plenty of important letters. It's time to celebrate, because I wrote the 15,000th request to join the watchers yesterday!

Woohoo, 15,000 sent, 0 responses. See y'all again at 20K.

Jokes aside, I wrote the final details for my application to own a pet, so now all that's left is to buy a goldfish and a tank. My bat friends had a new child, calling them Samuel.

I wrote some requests and lots of response mail. Also aced my most recent Occulus test. At least I'm doing well in ONE class...

Anyways, I need some rest, I'll see ya (but you won't see me).

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3/27/2024 2:44pm

I've been so focused on my studies I haven't had time to write. All day, it's write letters, study, write letters, study...

What's worse is that the dangerous beast containment and control center (the DBCCC for short) has been trying to talk to me about Sammy, Samantha, and Sam. I don't want them to take my bag buddies away, but they won't pay off me.

I'm doing okay in my classes. By okay, I mean barely scraping by. Enough to keep me away from in-person lessons, sure, but...

Regardless, good enough is good enough. Oh, you may be thinking,"But you said you've LITERALLY been studying day in and day out, how are you just barely passing your courses?"

For one, shame on you. Don't just assume that studying automatically gets one better at something. Practice is only good if you practice the right things.

Secondly, I haven't been studying for school. I've been studying for a way to find that flower that found the leaf.

I infiltrated the greenhouse and everything just to talk to it, which was a scary experience. It was the first time in ages I've gone out, and I don't think I'll be doing it any time soon again. The flower wasn't there.

I asked the other flowers where it was, but they said it walked away. HOW does a FLOWER walk away?? I searched every pot and basin for a trace of the flower, but no dice.

I've been trying to figure out where it went, and all while continuing to write my letters. Haven't gotten a ton of sleep, so my apologies to anybody who got a letter of mine in sloppy handwriting.

I finally cleared the buildup that occured due to my absence, so I can finally write in my journal again.

Oh, and my goldfish is on its way (hooray!)

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3/27/2024 6:37am

Surprise, I'm back. Had a lot of writing to do, been very busy.

I'll post a little later, just know that I am not dead.

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Small complaints
3/8/2024 6:18am

Ms. LaRoq was very nice. I wasn't able to say much, but I figured out the approximate location of the petunia who found it.

Ms. LaRoqs room was standard in every way. Sparsely decorated, so I'm guessing she spends little time inside. She offered me stone tea, but I tried to say "What is stone tea?" And "How are you?" At the same time and ended up saying "WHAT ARE YOU??!?"

I was so embarrassed. I felt like a failure, especially after waiting for like 20 minutes at her door like a creep twiddling my thumbs. She laughed it off, however.

I explained my scenario as best I could while saying as little as possible. I showed her the leaf and said "read." I was embarrassed afterwards because I felt like I was way to threatening.

Erika couldn't read it. She did point to the direction of the greenhouse, where the petunia who found it was.

I don't know how I didnt notice it originally. Of course the entity that managed to read that it was addressed to me is able to read it. I set off after saying thank you a few thousand times.

I promised Erika that I'd send her a thank you letter whenever I could, but she politely said that it wouldn't be necessary. I'm still going to send her one, because it just wouldn't sit well with my heart to NOT send her one. I mean, she's done quite a bit to help some stranger who has extreme social anxiety to recover a note scribbled on a letter. That whole situation sounds stupid.

To be honest, it kind of is. But it's for the good of the school that I get this letter. I slammed the door to the residence of @Erika LaRoq closed, and I'm panicking because I feel as if I was super rude.

At the time of writing, I am setting off towards the lower campus, in the direction of the greenhouse. I haven't been this low or this close to the ground in quite some time, as my tower is the highest point in the lower campus of the school. I've secretly longed for the feeling of grass again.

The greenhouse isn't in my sight yet, but it's also dark outside. Might get in trouble for this, I realize now that there is a strong possibility I am mistaken for one of those troublemakers. Hopefully, this all goes through smoothly.

Thanks to Erika's tips, I now know that since the last time I observed the petunia in its planter, curiously, it moved locations. She believes that it is still in the greenhouse, and so do I.

Oh man, I just realized that I'm going to be so behind on my letter writing because of this...

Small complaints
3/6/2024 3:30pm

I got my gear ready to head out. I wasn't able to stuff my hair inside my hoodie, but my bangs are so long they only help to hide my identity. When I used to talk to people in person, people said I looked like a girl. This usually followed by them getting kicked in the nuts by me.

I decided against wearing jeans, but I only have one pair of non-jeans. They're really small, as I haven't worn them in ages, and it feels skintight. Oh well, at least I'm hidden.

But not enough. The sweatpants are so small they barely go below my knees. I wear a very long pair of socks to balance it out. I make sure I'm wearing the most comfortable shoes I own, and I throw a black sweater over it all just to be safe. I look in the mirror and can't help but feel like I look kind of stupid.

Maybe that's just feelings of dread that I am expressing at being in the presence of people for the first time in...oh I can't even remember.

I'm pretty short, but I'm not overweight. It's hard to determine my age or gender, which is exactly the look I'm going for. The less they know, the better.

I grab the leaf with the note on it, then slowly creak open my door. It needs some WD-40, because I haven't used it in ages, it makes plenty of sounds.

I silently slip out of my room, and begin to reconsider as I stare at the bookcase.

No backing out now...

I tread to my location under the cover of night. Luckily I know the location of the dorm of @Erika LeRoq, so it'll be a quick trip.

I arrive at their doorstep. A small plaque reads "LeRoq" on it. I'm terrified, and slightly trembling in fear, debating whether or not I should change my voice.

At the time of writing, I have knocked on Erika's door and am silently waiting for a response. I hope that they're there...

Small complaints
3/6/2024 5:56am

I found a leaf slipped under my door. I didn't even hear anybody come by.

The letter is in some language I can't read. Why couldn't it just be in English? I mean, you learn ONE alien language and now that's all you speak! Geez...

I have an idea...a stupid one, but an idea nonetheless. I'm going to have to leave my tower, but I'm prepared. I have a nice, heavy set of clothing.

The first person I need to ask is LaRoq. She generously gave the note to me. Didn't know stone could move so quietly.

But first, I'm going to get some writing done. I will leave under cover of night.

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