Uzboy Chan

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Who do you love?
2/20/2024 11:43pm

My number one competitor, rival, sparring partner, and best friend, Abigail Vanderberg.

Thought Roundup
1/2/2024 9:49pm

I have felt the presence of strange thoughts at the tetherball court late at night... lurking in the shadows. Disturbing thoughts.

I've got my front thoughts all teamed up, working on my focus oh the ball... muscle memory pulling through to deliver just right hit... but beyond all that, there's something in the background... something in the darkness... I can't quite make it out, but if I try to look directly at it, I loose my focus on the tetherball, so I CAN'T look away...

Can you help me, @Milt Wilkerson?

Psychic Gift Exchange
12/1/2023 11:22pm

I really don't understand the "anonymous" button in the Psychic Santa app. I want the person to know who it's from, right? And, if it's anonymous about who it's for, then it's all just weird.

I am getting @Kaida a Pocket Universe.

Ooops am I supposed to keep that secret?

Seasonal Enrollment
11/9/2023 10:27pm

I'm here on a psychic tetherball scholarship. You can probably hear my chain hitting against the pole late into the night. I practice with anybody who shows up at the tetherball court. Mostly the tetherball ghosts.