Timothy Acorn

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Small complaints
5/7/2024 10:23pm


"There'a no way we're getting in there."

"There's no way I wanna get in there."

"So do we have to get in there? Can't we solve this in some clever Weasel Creek Kids way without, like, getting poisoned?"

"I've got the clever Weasel Creek Kids plan, don't you worry," @Agatha Anatidae said. "And it involves one of our most powerful forest friends. But it depends on somebody getting on the inside of that abandoned toxic soda pop factory. Just one is all we need."

"Does it have to be a person? The young bucks from the Squirrel Scouts have been bugging me for some kind of action."

"We don't want to have to answer to any angry squirrel moms."

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"I think I know someone," said @Samantha Spruce. "An old friend. Somebody who wants to pay back her debt to society..."

Small complaints
4/20/2024 11:00pm

At the weekly meeting of the Weasel Creek Kids we usually talk about stuff like treehouse maintenance and the water system and the composting toilets. But now @Agatha Anatidae is saying we need to take up sides on this Ranger Rotten issue.

I don't like the idea of an undead forest ranger running a criminal gang in our woods any more than the next person, gut they've never caused us any trouble. We can't be some kind of forest police. Between keeping the treehouses running and homework and extracurricular activities at school, who's got the time? I say it's not our fight.