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Who do you love?
2/5/2024 8:03pm

Where would I be without my all time bestie Mindy Mipturn?? <3

Mindy's got a heart of gold -- LITERALLY -- and boy has that gotten us out of some scrapes.

Vampire Babies
1/14/2023 6:35pm

Hey everyone!

I am back from taking a semester off to go on the vampire pilgrimage to Turkey with my parents. It took a lot of persuading with Peg, the school resource counselor, in order to take the time off and get credits towards graduation!
Peg is great. She looks tougher than she actually is and she is easy to charm to your will. Peg told me I had to write 2 research papers in order to get the credits so I would not fall behind. I chose to write about Vampire Families of the Ottoman Empire, and Love and Death in the Ancient City of Catolhuyuk. Cool huh?

Professor Andreson really wanted me to write about the pilgrimage and I had to say no because my parents said it is really something that is supposed to be kept secret. It only happens once every 400 years. Honestly I had to stay in the hotel most of the time because you have to be at least 18 years of human age in order to participate in some of the vampire rites. Will I be able to attend the next pilgrimage in 2421???

That is the big question! I was born a vampire baby (as you know from my previous posts) BUT I have a human mom and a vampire dad. The lifetime of such a creature as myself, basically we are called "Vampire Babies", varies. Sometimes one lives about the average lifetime of a human and others have lived for a couple of hundred years.

So I am not exactly immortal like my dad but my dream is to try to live another 400 years so I can go on the next pilgrimage. The 2421 pilgrimage is in Tasmania!

Ok but the super cool thing about the whole experience was that I met another Vampire Baby! And she is going to transfer to PsyHigh next fall! And it's even cooler that she was born of a human dad and a vampire mom! Her mom and my dad knew each other back in the 30's when my dad was a researcher in Prague.

Well that is all for now. I am really happy to be back on campus. I am looking forward to the Winter Light dance and the Sock Hop! If you ever want to talk about what it is like being a Vampire Baby hit me up!

Love Always,

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Vampire Babies
8/7/2022 3:29pm

It's almost the end of the kids' summer program. I have had a great time and I am excited for the real students to return to campus next month! I had a few urges to bite some of the kids. I had to call my dad to come get me one afternoon so we could go through the ritual again. It soothes me. No one else knew about it so I was ok.

Last week I got in trouble though for reals and had to report to the student counselor. I didn't mean to I really didn't but I just couldn't help it. He was soooo cute and sad and lonely.... You know the type. He was on campus helping with the kids' summer program like me. An incoming freshman. He became enthralled with me. Like I said before it just can happen with youths like me who were born vampire babies. He would dream about me at night and his dreams started to seep into the dreams of the other staff working the summer program. Before you knew it he had to get sent home and I was...called in. I was pretty defensive about it I mean it is a "psychic" high school. Why can't one of the professors just do a little psy work on the kid to un enthrall him?
Well I guess they can't.

Anyoo I was given a warning this time. If I enthrall another student I will be suspended. I really think I can handle myself but the counselor said I needed to work on my social skills. Like I need to become less...attractive? Less...mysterious? I will be working this fall with another student who was also born a vampire baby on some techniques. I have not met this student yet they were on an overseas program last year in Romania so we will see how it goes. I guess it will be cool to connect with another former vampire baby.

Ok that is all for now.
Love always,

6/28/2022 11:33am

I was born a vampire baby.

I'm actually the first ever student to have actually grown up as a vampire. The school had a policy for years in place, "No Vampires".

It's not cuz vampires are dangerous or anything, they just cause havock when someone falls in love with them on campus. Mayhem ensues. Disruption everywhere because no one can concentrate on studies because everyone becomes emotionally invested in the vampire love story.
Even the quiet kids who don't have any friends, or the kids who typically hate romance in general start to only be able to write about the vampire romance gossip in their PsyHigh journals. Everyone gets swept up in the fate of the romance. Staff, instructors, grounds keepers the RAs. Everyone.

So. The school made an exception for me because I'm pretty unique and my childhood was rough (being a vampire from infancy).
My parents taught me a lot of self control.

So far I have not really felt the need to try to entrap any other students on campus with my mysterious and attractive charms. I have to check in weekly with the school counselor. I can make friends easily and my roommate was adopted and raised by a vampire couple, and well she is just chill around vampires.

So far everything has been going great. I had a good first year. It's the best school I have ever been to.
As you can imagine my parents had a hard time keeping me in schools when I was younger. A lot a kids go through biting phases but I just alarmed my preschool teachers and I made my kindergarten teacher bleed out when when she wouldn't let me sit next to my best friend during library time.

My dad had to homeschool me through middle school. I was pretty lonely but my dad is cool. My mom is an endocrinologist and always felt she needed to bring home a paycheck. Vampire families typically you know, don't need jobs per se, but my dad only became a vampire in the 60's so there wasn't the centuries of wealth amassing.

I'm here on campus this summer helping with the kids summer program. There are new kids coming next week and I get to lead the crafts center. I'm excited!
I just love this school so much.

Until later,

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