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Psychic Ecology Club
3/24/2019 9:50pm

The entirety of the contents of MON71800 became a homogenous goo over the weekend, and the sandbox was set to Incineration Form Factor Five this afternoon, turning the interior a rich golden brown and filling the biome with the delicious smell of genetically modified and potentially aggressive baked bread. Bakers from the Night Kitchen will be removing the goods tonight for appropriate distribution through suspicious bakery outlets.

If you entered @Wheat Genetic's project in sandbox MON71800 at any point during its runtime, please remain exactly where you are and contact Portion Control immediately via the school's PsychoComms priority red emergency hotline bling. It turns out the bits that @Wheat Genetic left to run wild in the chamber became especially virulent, and may have found their way right through the clean suits.

Let's all take a break from any further "let's save the environment through genetic modification experiments" in the biome for the remainder of the month, because the number of available sandboxes is limited and we all know how those particular experiments tend to turn out. No offense, @Wheat Genetic.

Psychic Ecology Club
3/9/2019 1:56pm

Hey @Shelby Cohort I think your experiment is going to zero out. I ran the acceleration numbers and though the population does get more empathic and stops eating meat, animal fetishization goes off the chart and they enclose ALL flora and fauna in biome replication preserves. So, yeah, World War Zoo. Eventually everybody moves inside the simulated environments, but they still pump untreated waste and pollution into the outside environment and it crashes.

Everybody inside the hermetically sealed World Zoo does get passing marks on health and well-being, but with the death of the natural eco-system, the experiment fails the Successful Outcome Matrix.

It'd be okay for a generational spaceship maybe?

Psychic Ecology Club
3/2/2019 7:05pm

Minutes of the Psychic Ecology Club Meeting

Introductions, Call to order.

Club Goal:

Create viable models for an achievable future where an advanced technological civilization lives in balance with a closed planetary eco-system.

Club Tools:

The array of Reality Generators set up in the Biodome (Thanks @Janitor Pete for setting those up!)

Club Methodology:

We'll be using the Psychic S.M.A.R.T. method: Supermundane, Monstrous, Acroamatic, Revelatory, and Transformative.

Club Schedule:

Students are allowed access to the Biodome 24-7 to work on their projects.

Learnings and Outcome:

We'll take the most successful projects to the administration and petition to have them released from the Reality Sandbox.

The meeting was adjourned, followed by networking event. Refreshments provided by the @Bimpliboos.

Psychic Ecology Club
2/28/2019 9:44pm

Wow! Who knew Psychic Ecology Club would be so popular?!

Let's meet Saturday afternoon in the Biodome. It'll be WARM.

Plenty of room left in the club, but spots are filling fast so sign up NOW!

Psychic Valentines
2/28/2019 5:59pm

Wow. Who knew throwing a dance was such hard work?

Well, naturally, I did, because I've organized lots of dances. And ukulele performances. But I never got rolled up in a trans-dimensional Chia Pet before. Especially one made for a fairy colony.

See, it's like this: Those fairy rings you see are portals, right? Temperamental portals to be sure, but we all know they are doorways infused with the power of the fay, blah blah blah, etc.

Well.. the fact that Trevor's entire cellular structure is infused with his intelligence meant those fairy spores could really take it to the "next level." Which is part of their spore programming.

So what it did was create kind of a "Elfland Kingdom Kit," that started to building a new kingdom right there in the woods, using Trevor like a great big egg.

And it tried using everything INSIDE Trevor too. Like yours truly. And the gazebo. And the DJ and everybody at the dance. And of course the Royalty.

When it was ready to pop, it popped! And spat all of us out, thank the synthetic goddess. Well, all of us except @Personelle. Something about @Personelle was special -- god don't we all know that ;) -- and they made her their queen. Or something.

I'm just glad to be out of that big stuffy moss ball and back on campus!

Overall, the entire experience made me take into account what's REALLY important. I mean, dances are fun, but shouldn't we teens be all about changing the world? For the better?

So I'm thinking about starting a new club. A club about building a better future today.

Sign up for Psychic Ecology Club today!

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Psychic Valentines
2/13/2019 1:20pm

The decorations in the gym are looking great! Trevor has enjoyed having the extra space and has really grown attached to it! Ha ha get it? Sorry Trevor. But it's true. We scraped up every bit of Trevor we could find in the Synthetic Humanoid Club meeting room and transplanted him to the gym and he immediately took over. All his moist green softness really makes it a special place, and gives it an earthy smell and makes it really quiet, because he's covered the ceiling and the walls and the bleachers and the floors. We're thinking everybody's going to need to take their shoes off.

And all the little fungi from @Riven's fairy ring have taken a liking to Trevor too! There are not only rings but paths and labyrinths and boy I get dizzy just thinking about them, all their blinky blue lights. One way or another they lead you to the gazebo, which I've been trimming Trevor off of to keep clear, because that's where I'll be performing for the Royalty! And is where the DJ will be.

Can't wait to see everybody tomorrow night!

Psychic Valentines
2/8/2019 7:34pm

We don't know who ran the poll on the school's ghost server learning network, but it turns out that our Valentine's Dance Royalty are:

Company Asset



Congratulations you two! You have been honored by the respect of the entire student body to represent us all before the Hungry Valentine's Gods! You'll receive special recognition in the gazebo, including the performance of an original composition of my own.

Of course, we'll need to fill out some compliance requests with @GROTTO G.S.M. INC. and @Big Jim, but I'm sure that will all sail through without a hitch. In the meantime, everybody should start thinking about their costumes now, because there's not a lot of fresh green in the woods this time of year. And don't pick the Crawling Ivy!

Psychic Valentines
2/5/2019 6:32pm

Yes! A Fairy Ring theme! Bring in some toadstools from @Riven’s ring, and @Hugh Manatee’s friend Trevor could use some space. He’s almost filled up the Synthetic Humanoid Club meeting room. He could grow all over the gym like Spanish Moss and it would be great decoration. And we’ll have a little gazebo in the middle and I will play my ukulele.

Consider it decided, @Eva Unbeknownst!

Psychic Valentines
1/28/2019 7:29pm

We could always use more hands on the Psychic Valentines Dance Committee, @Riven! You and @mia marquez could hang streamers with your minds. Or devise better methods of keeping the bats out. @Elias North will be participating too. Just because: no choice!

Psychic Valentines
1/24/2019 6:36pm

Did I hear someone say “Valentine’s Dance?” If there isn’t all ready a student committee in charge of it, @Big Jim, I volunteer to set it up!

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