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10/30/2019 8:09am

Nothing like waking up in a cozy bed on a beautiful fall morning in the dorms at Psyhigh. 

My hands are still pretty dry and cracky, and there's still that funky smell, but I can live with it. It's one of those mornings where you feel like you have a whole new lease on life, you know?

On a random note, I found this flyer slipped under my door:



Thanks for choosing Episcope Reality Estate. Your satisfaction is important to us. Please help us serve you better by completing this quick survey and placing it in any of the distinctive green and white Episcope Reality collection boxes. They're everywhere!


Episcope Reality Estate


No idea what that's about--obviously they have the wrong room. Unless it's for my roommate.

In any case, it's great day to be alive! See you 'round campus!

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