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7/14/2023 8:04am

This weekend im offering free(unless you wanna give me a bag of chips or a cola) technical help outside my dorm,ill have a little set up and everything,feel free to swing by and get something fixed

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6/24/2023 12:50pm

For fish's sake... yes i can run doom on my monitor now quit asking

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6/1/2023 2:24pm

Happy pride month,fellow psy-high students! If it wasnt for being able to mess around as a character in videogames with my digital consciousness i wouldnt have realized that i was transmasc, agender, and vincian/MlM!

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5/21/2023 6:40am

@Jaymie Stokes do u happen to have any sour worms or sour gummy sharks?,cuz if so ill trade you for one of my snacks

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5/16/2023 6:00pm

Psst guys... sleepover at my dorm (room 77)
Bring snacks and gossip,but for the love of god dont move or mess with any of my moniters,i actually need those to control my actual body... anyways like i said bring snacks and i got plenty of earth and non earth sodas and some sick card and board games! See yall at [NU:LL] pm!!

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5/16/2023 7:07am

I wonder if me and sean sarris mix ppl up with our names... maybe i should start wearing a sticky note on my forehead saying "im not the twin named sean,im the one that has his consciousness stuck in a damned monitor screen,the other Sean's somewhere else" or sumn like that! That reminds me i need to update my software soon or else my actual body is gonna act like i havent "slept" in weeks... (the seperated conciousness struggle,am i right?!)

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Twin Trouble
5/14/2023 5:18pm

I fess up to stealing scarlette's arm!! I ferl bad but i also really needed something to help me reach one of the library shelves! If yoy see this im sorry!!!,if it'll make you feel better ill give you some of my snacks from my stash if ur interested... like i said before i really do apologize and it was a dumb move for me to swipe it like that! </3

Introduce Yourself
5/2/2023 4:07am

Sup im sean, i use he/him and a agender-masc entity being thingy! Im un-humanly good with computers and hardware the likes of it!

4/28/2023 12:19pm

May i borrow someone's gym shirt for the next week? Something stole or teleported mine from the boys locker room...

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10/6/2022 8:30pm


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