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Twin Trouble
6/12/2023 9:34pm

I was able to get a seat -- way in the back -- for the summer term of Advanced Augmented Robotics (or AAR!!! as it's known to students). I'm only auditing the class, but I'd heard that both @Scarlette Sarris and @Psy - Sean Sarris were going to be in it so made sure I was in the room to make my observations.

What I didn't realize is that Scarlette's cyborg arm -- @arm.X-1 -- had it's own chair in the room! And that arm is the life of the party let me tell you. Not only with its acrobatic moves all around the room, but when Scarlette shouts "POWER ARM!" and kneels down with her arm in the air and there's this big thunderclap and the arm shoots across the room and couples up with her and then BANG! suddenly she's covered in red hot power armor. The first time it happened her brother Sean ran up to touch her and burned his hand.

Which explains why my Twofold Orb of Tweeling has been transforming into the Threefold Orb of Drieling all week. This is totally off the charts Twin Magic. I'm going to get published in PsyTwins Quarterly for sure.... once my research has been peer reviewed.

Twin Trouble
5/29/2023 10:03pm

So far I have avoided having my ass kicked.

@Scarlette Sarris and @Psy - Sean Sarris are thankfully somewhat self-absorbed, which has allowed me to perform my observations with minimal risk.

And the Twofold Orb of Tweeling is the device I use for these observations.

I had been a bit cagey about actually possessing the Twofold Orb of Tweeling, but with so few students studying the arcane these days it doesn’t raise many eyebrows. Outside of staff, maybe only @Estelle Rose would be in a position to recognize it, so I’m careful.

“Oooo what’s that? Telekinetic bolos?”

“Uh, kinda. Yo-yo, actually.”

“Know any tricks?”

“Just practicing.”

But now the Twofold Orb is picking up a third entity, which has put the whole apparatus into a three-body problem, which is a lot harder. I’m going to have to watch some YouTube videos or something.

Twin Trouble
5/10/2023 10:07pm

You know about synchronicity, right? Like, you’re thinking about a plate o’ shrimp, and suddenly you see a picture of the Loch Ness monster? Ok maybe that’s a bad example. 

Anyway, I’ve got a very certain kind of synchronicity in that I see twins wherever I go. Like, I just went to 7-11 and saw three pairs of twins on the way there and two on the way back. At first it drove me crazy, and that’s why I was referred to join Psychic High School by the counselor at my old school. She said it’s all related to the twin I shared a womb with but who mysteriously didn’t appear when I was born. 

Now I consider myself a “twin hunter” in that I am very interested in twins and their magic. And there’s a new pair of twins at school — the Sarris’s. I really want introduce myself but I heard the girl twin will kick my ass if I start bugging them. What I really want to know is if they've ever heard of the Twofold Orb of Tweeling. I hear it's a twin thing.

So I’ve just been kind of low key stalking them instead. Because that's not creepy at all.

I am soooo going to get my ass kicked.