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4/8/2022 10:54pm

Do you think it's ok to use this Build-yr-own Pet kit even though it's expired?

It was a closeout deal at the student store.

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4/24/2022 8:56pm

I bought out the rest of the expired Build-yr-own Pet kits from the student store. I figured out that some of the parts are more expired than others, but if I mix and match them from different kits then you can kinda get them to work.

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4/30/2022 3:01pm

My first Build-yr-own Pet is complete! I took it out of the rejuvenation chamber this morning and washed off the gel and it's taking its first hops on the kitchen counter. I call it a Kangakeet, but the wings are just for show. There's no way it could---

Oh, ooops. Guess I should have shut the window. That's a long way down.

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5/4/2022 4:29pm

I’ve ended up with a bunch of extra legs. Mostly frog. I’ve got one in the rejuvenation station now that’s all frog legs. 13 of them. And an eye and a mouth. I hope it’s not as bitey as the 6 legged prototype.

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5/11/2022 9:40pm

I've grown tired of the mix-n-match, Mr. Potato Head approach to building my own pets. It only takes so many geckodoodles and catarantulas until you get bored. Though I will admit the marmoquin is adorable.

Pets give us so much, which is why I love them. I want to become close to them so badly, I just want to gobble them up! But since that's frowned upon, I've decided to do the next best thing.

Which is why I've injected myself with virulent mutating cat DNA extracted from an old expired cat's paw from one of my kits. I expect to be sprouting whiskers by dawn. Wish me luck!

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5/19/2022 11:56pm

I am happy to report my catransformation is complete! It was a bit rough. I haven't grown cat ears or a tail or anything -- that would be crazy!! My catransformation has been mostly on the inside. Except for the whiskers. And the claws.

In any case, the virulent mutating cat DNA that I injected myself with has thoroughly hybridized with my native DNA. While this has produced a tendency to adopt adorable cat behaviors (such as napping, or occasionally attacking balls of yarn or small toys), I have found I am equally able to maintain my busy class schedule and maintain my GPA.

The best part has been settling down with myself and purring.

In short, I have become my own pet. And I realized this was my goal all along! Isn't it yours? To be cared for, and fed, and kept dry, and yet appreciate living in the little environment that I myself have created and maintain?

Well, I will say my roommates have become a little upset when I wake them up for breakfast at 6am. And they're having trouble adapting to the cat box.

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5/30/2022 8:09pm

Being your own pet has no disadvantages that I have discovered. I fact, I believe it has value as an auto-organizing social principle which we can all benefit from. 

I was just visiting myself at the Zoo over the weekend. I’m well taken care of, kept dry, and quite amused I can tell you! No abuse at all. I am treated like an honored guest. I mean, so long as I stop trying to jimmy the locks. And not foment rebellion. Then you get tazed and drugged. 

This is why in my Pet Owner role I have decided to go into real estate. I’ve signed up for the Jim Mangan Extraterrestrial Real Estate camp this summer. I’m looking into orbital multi-use development. 

And yes, there will be a pet deposit.

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