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6/21/2016 7:46am

My first day at Pshyhigh! Oh boy, I'm so excited! When I arrived they handed me this leather bound book with specific instructions to write in it everyday, so I guess that's what I've gotta do.

My dorm was easy to find, and I knocked a few times on the door. Supposedly I had a roommate, and that only made me smile more! I remember rocking back and forth on my heels, waiting for someone to answer. But about ten seconds in, no one did. I knocked again, hesitating in case it seemed rude. I let thirty seconds pass, and nothing happened. I grabbed the handle and found that the door was unlocked, and when it swung open, the light was on and the curtains were open, so someone had to have been in here recently.

I entered the room, dragging a suitcase behind me, but it seemed as if no one was inside. The beds were right around the corner, so I went over to one and heaved my luggage onto the mattress. And then I turned around.

I remember jumping and squeaking in surprise, talk about embarrassing, it was just my roommate. She was sitting on her bed, her back turned to me, her shoulders hunched as she gazed into something on the wall in front of her.

Now I'm not one to interrupt, so I left her alone and started unpacking my things. But soon that became boring, and I wanted to explore the campus! So I stopped taking clothes and hangers from the bag and instead went over to my roommate. I tapped her shoulder. I waited. She said nothing. A bit worried, I glanced around her to see what she was staring at. I didn't see anything on the wall, however. Oh well. I could discover this place without her.

I've gotta go, but I'll recount my adventures as soon as I return to my room!

Live on, everyone!

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6/28/2016 6:14am

I've met so many people! Most of them were kind and enjoyed talking to me, but a few rude ones I had to avoid.

I don't deal well with rude people, they mess too much with my emotions, and those are NOT something to be trifled with. I'm a kind person, or at least, I always try to be. When I was three or four, my parents noticed extra things appearing in my room, things like a certain toy I begged for at a store that they refused to buy, They assumed I stole it, as any normal parent would, and sat me down to have a talk about it.

But the truth was, I didn't steal anything. I simply sat in my room and thought about it really hard, and then it appeared.

It happened first with a doll I didn't get for Christmas. I sat in my room all the next day, wishing and hoping I had gotten it. I didn't know that my parents couldn't have afforded it. How could I? I still believed in Santa. But when I finally wished hard enough, it appeared on my bed, exactly how I had hoped to find it Christmas day.

It was a miracle!

As I got older this problem grew. When I was angry, anything from spiders to poisonous snakes would appear wherever I was in the house. When I was sad, it would rain. But only over our house.

The extent of this....power, depended on the range of my emotions. Eventually, my parents picked up on it, and took me to see someone about it. But I got so nervous on the trip there that I ended up creating a ton of stuffed animals that just kind of...slowly filled up the car. Don't get me wrong, it DID help to squeeze something soft, but twenty-five stuffed pigs, is, too many pigs.

And now I'm here, trying my best to keep a smile on my face and a positive air about me! Because now that this ability is so potent, who KNOWS what I could make if I were to become sad.

Or worse, Angry.

Anyway, classes start for me tomorrow, and I'm SUPER excited! I'll write more later!

Live on, everyone!

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Helping others... With Demons
6/30/2016 10:39pm

Classes were rough. I was eager to learn and entered the room chipper and bouncy, but forgot to watch where I was stepping and got a few complaints from crushed toes.

I didn't know anyone very well at all, or see a teacher in the room, and I felt a bit nervous as doubt began to set in. I quickly cleared it and told myself it'd all work out, fixing a smile onto my face. No way was I gonna conjure up some pity object, like a cupcake or a tiny storm cloud.

I walked up to a random person who was doodling circles in her notebook, over and over and over and over, in an almost hypnotic way, and sat down. The room was crowded, and she seemed like an okay neighbor.

The bell rang and the teacher appeared in front of us.

The girl's pencil stilled and her head snapped to attention. She went to a clean line, ready for notes. I realized I should probably do the same and scrambled for one of the clean, new notebooks I had bought for this class.

Roll call was announced, and I sat giddy in my seat, anxious to introduce myself.

When my name was called, party poppers went off over my head, and I felt my cheeks grow red. Oh, how embarrassing, I better get those emotions together right. Now.

I did. And I smiled as I introduced myself as a new student to everyone, and no more party noises interrupted me.

A few people recognized me from the halls and waved, others smiled my way. It was a good start.

Then came the notes.

The teacher began the lesson, and the girl beside me let her fingers fly. She wrote down every single word coming from the teachers mouth! I stared as she wrote with impossible speed. I realized a few minutes into it that I was now behind, and quickly sped to catch the tail end of her words.

But no matter how hard I tried, that girl just wrote faster and faster. Soon she was writing words before the teacher said them!

I scowled and felt something on my leg.

I batted away a frustration spider and continued to write, not entirely sure what the lesson was even about.

When the bell finally rang, the girl had about seven or eight pages of words the teacher said, and she had moved to a clean page to draw circles as she stood and walked to the next class.

At this point I was upset. If that's how we all had to take notes here I was in for some trouble with my slow hand.

I looked up to see people keeping away from me, and realized I wasn't smiling. Tiny ants poured from my backpack, covering the fabric and surrounding floor in a writhing black mass. I smiled brightly and willed them away. Sadly, my ability can't make things disappear.

I left my first class, figuring the second can't be half as bad, and I enter.

And there's the same girl! Drawing inane little circles in her book!

I sat opposite from her that time, believe me.

The day was long and the classes harder than the normal curriculum for students my age. Then again, who's to say what's "normal" and what isn't? Especially at THIS place.


Live on, everyone!

7/2/2016 7:38am

This morning I woke up feeling refreshed after the disaster of yesterday. It was early in the morning, and I found myself turning the overhead light on with a flick of a switch. That's when I saw the hunched over figure of my roommate, and remembered I had one in the first place.

I apologized immediately, of course, and scrambled to turn it back off, but then noticed that she hadn't reacted in the slightest. My hand lowered back to my side. I made my way over to her. I know it was only the second day, but something about her unmoving figure stuck staring at that wall made me

I looked back to the wall where her gaze was fixed, and realized that there was, in fact, something she was focused on.

It was a dark spot. So small I'm not surprised I missed it.

I reached forward to touch it, and was shocked! It was a hole! My roommate had literally stared a hole in the wall! Like that metaphor or something.

I looked back to her, but didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.

Anyway, classes start soon, I just wanted to record this....occurance.

Live on, everyone!

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7/3/2016 5:45pm

Joyous news and happy days! I have been named the Student of the month! What an honor! I was so excited when I was first told told that the letter announcing it burst into flames and fell from my hands to the floor in an ashy mess.

After that I put a smile on, and tried to relax. I didn't need any outbursts.

I grabbed a miny vacuumm my mother convinced me to take with me and suctioned up the ashes.

When she and I were first shopping for items I would need, neither of us had a clue. She had never went off to college herself, her family unable to afford it, and she'd never really lived on her own. We eventually looked online and found a few lists of essentials. Those were bought, and we were out.

I made my way to the trash can and emptied the ash into it, knocking it against the side to make sure it was all out.

Classes were better today. Notes weren't as hard to take once I got into the rhythm. Don't get me wrong, I didn't get every single word coming from the teachers mouth, but neither did most of the class, I noticed.

When I returned to the room, I found the letter and flipped. I wanted to call my parents immediately, but we were still on bad terms. Right before I left, I felt so scared and nervous that I left behind an array of streamers made of authentic Italian made leather and random pools of sticky orange liquid scattered around the house.

My parents were convinced I was doing this on purpose, which was ridiculous.

Anyway, I might call later anyway, see how everyone is holding up. In the meantime, I have a few hours until quiet hours. I think I'll check into some of the school activities.

If I can navigate the campus with a smile, that is.

Live on, everyone!

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7/6/2016 8:06pm

I'm considering talking to someone officially about my roommate. She's so...hard to smile around.

The hole she's been boring into the wall with her gaze has grown deeper, and I fear that the school will have an issue with that. If they dislike nails and tape, they will most definitely detest a hole.

I helped her out by conjuring up some putty and filling the hole quickly. That ought to be the object of her deadly gaze for a while, until I figure this out!

I discovered something interesting today. Everyone knows the cliche, "smile at someone, and they will smile back!"

It's a lie.

I've been smiling all day, at all KINDS of people, but they either find it rude or unsettling. I find it hard not to show them what happens when I stop, in fact, I'm STILL finding ants from that fateful day of note-taking. Even now, as I write this, my lips are smiling, although it's no toothy grin.

If I went around a day with that kind of smile, my teeth always showing, then I'd understand their concern. But a regular smile?

Still. I won't let this bring me down! Surely they've all seen stranger things than a smile on this campus, right? They'll get used to me.

Live on, everyone!

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Shadowy Business
7/9/2016 4:13pm

I woke this morning with a smile, but oh, how it faltered throughout the day. It was easy to smile as I hummed a familiar tune through breakfast, and classes were a breeze, the subjects getting easier as I paid more attention. I skipped down the concrete paths, the summer heat not able to melt my grin, and as I passed a few others, I even got them to smile!

Then, my shadow tripped me.

I had heard of strange happenings here at this school with people and their shadows, but I mostly ignored mine, letting it do it's thing. I'm not sure why I allowed it to trip me up. Perhaps it was just being mischievous, or if it was in fact my fault, but when I fell, I felt my smile slowly give way to surprise.

To the student that was crushed by the large air mattress that appeared beneath me to catch myself, I apologize. I cannot help what appears to catch me when I fall, even when it's a giant air mattress. You got out, that's the important thing, right?

Anyway. Thanks to my surprise and inability to smile through the fall, the school had a huge air mattress to deflate and dispose of. Surprise gave way to embarrassment, was not a good thing. I had to flee, despite how much I wanted to help clean the mess I made. There were just too many people staring, and if I had started crying...well, the worst thing I managed to conjure up were a few Australian Horror Death Spiders. There are only one or two, and they should die off without mice to feed on.

God, embarrassment is a hard emotion to deal with. I get sad, it rains, I get scared, the lights turn on. But I get embarrassed and anything could happen.

At least no one was hurt, but I am going to be having a stern talk with my shadow later.

Live on, Everyone!

7/12/2016 3:56pm

Happy days are here again! I dreamt a spectacular dream, one where I woke up, looked into the mirror, and frowned. I frowned!! And nothing happened!

I thought for a moment that perhaps it was real, I felt at my face and hair and body, my frown giving way to shock, and then happiness.

But by then I had remembered that I didn't have be to be happy. I didn't have to smile anymore, or grin through insults. I could get angry, I could shout, I could scream and just go wild, I could punch and kick and bite, and nothing would happen! I could cry, I could sob or moan or shout into my pillow, show true emotions, just be...myself!

But then I let that thought invade my brain. I said to myself, "what if this isn't real?"

And once the thought was there, the dream was resolved, and I woke up.

Of course, it felt so invigorating, so powerful, that I wasn't sad that it was over. I was ecstatic it happened!

Yes, today was a great, great day! It was smiles all around, and they weren't forced! Not one bit!

Live on, everyone!

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7/13/2016 2:15pm

If you've ever wondered just what I am capable of, stop. Don't delve any deeper into this. I hate this ability and everything with it! Of course, I couldn't admit this out loud, and I'm taking a huge risk writing it down, so I'm smiling as wide as I can, the events of just hours ago still fresh in my head.

It was an accident, I swear, but it was still awful. Some kind person walked up to me and offered to eat lunch with me. I imagined she wanted to strike up a friendship, and me, still high off of the dream, eagerly agreed.

Now, I don't often eat in the cafeteria, the loud noises often startling me, but I thought today would be an exception.

It turns out, however, that this student, this kind, sweet girl only wanted to get me into the cafeteria so that she could study just how potent my ability was among the chaos. And slowly, so slowly I didn't notice it, my smile began to fade. She noticed this and said nothing.

I paid for a tray of food, the items not as important as the fact that I was sitting with a friend! My smile was renewed with fervor. And then she asked me, "Why can't you stop smiling?"

And I replied as any civil person would. We chatted for a bit about what I could do, and while I slowly ate what I had purchased, she ignored hers. Oh God, I should have seen it coming.

After a bit, I pulled a plate of cake towards me and cut into it with my fork.

"So what would happen if you were to get angry?" she asked.

I wish I could have stopped smiling, it seemed wrong to talk about it with such a grin. But I couldn't, so I answered in a chipper tone, "anything, really. I don't know the extent of what I could do, and I am NOT interested in finding out."

And then it happened. I brought the fork to my mouth, and I looked away from her, and it all happened so fast. She jumped up, her chair scooting loudly behind her. I tried to look up, but I was too late. She had leapt over the table, clattering dishes to the floor, and had a fistful of my hair.

Before I knew it, my head was forcefully shoved into the cake, the hand with the fork moved away on instinct.

Time seemed to slow when she finally released my head and I was able to raise it.

There was not a single person who was not looking at me, my face and clothes stained with the pastry, and I felt angry tears sting at the corners of my eyes. The lights were all blown out, every single one, and although no one was talking, there was a scream sounding from one of the back kitchens.

I felt the room grow darker, and a few people shout in surprise as black tar dripped over the windows, covering the remaining light with thick, gushing liquid.

I stood, my chair making a loud noise that made me flinch, and walked away. Each time I lifted my foot, the girl who had done this awful thing to me froze in time. As long as both of my feet were planted, she walked normally, calling my name and following me, but as I walked, her protests came in short bursts. It would have been comical if I was not covered in sticky frosting.

I went straight to my dorm to clean up, a dark, dark storm brewing above the campus. I won't lie, I cried in the shower, letting the rain strike the campus roofs and sidewalks with intense strength. When I sobbed, thunder followed suit.

When I finally stepped out, I forced a smile onto my face, and threw open my journal to write the longest entry yet.

And now here we are.

I apologize. For everything. It was just too much for me. I will help clean up the cafeteria once I have a chance. The rain has started to clear, so hopefully, that chance will come soon.

Live on, everyone.

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Zephyr Air Transport Inc.
7/16/2016 3:02pm

The whole campus is buzzing about the airdrop shop stop!

That's what I'm calling it because the name makes me laugh! I suppose I should scrounge up a few dollars in change and see if I can make my way over to it, but it'd be so much nicer if I had someone to go with.

You see, I've grown tired of replacing the putty my roommate melts with her gaze, and I told her (with a smile, of course,) that if she can't stop melting a hole into the wall, I wasn't going to fix it anymore. She ignored me, as she always does, but I kept my word. The hole is five times as large now. Maybe I'll find something at the shop to wake her from this trance, or at the very least, erase the damages done to the wall.

Last night, before I went to bed, I noticed how hot it was in the room, and wanted to fix that asap.

As I passed my roommate, however, I realized that it was HER giving off all this heat!

She was like a living heater! I had to cover her with a blanket so she could wallow in her own heat, but it didn't do much. I ended up removing the blanket because I felt bad.

That's pretty much it for today. Not a lot is happening on campus.

Oh, and to the student who I accidentally petted because I thought you were and animal and not a student with classes and an extended vocabulary, sorry.

Live on, everyone!

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