Logan Andrew Tyler

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Solstice Maintenance
12/25/2022 2:56pm

“Geoguð gamenian bâm borlîce ûphêah tôlicganm æst wyrht we ðafian,” Foreman Faustina says. I think she’s really starting to appreciate my help.

@Fardambango, @jason may, @2Jax and I got split up, on account of our “behavior” on our first day. But then the Druids of Tinkery™ arrived and they figured they could use us. Foreman Faustina picked me out personally.

“Hûru duguð heolfor onblôtan of hysebeorðor êower hârung reordian edwyrpan sê bewyrcan orgilde nêadðearfnes,” she continues. She’s super excited to have me climb inside this huge wooden statue she and the other Druids of Tinkery™ have been working on. It's a giant wooden man, made out of sticks and branches, with a open space inside his chest. Maybe it's some kind of parade float?

"In here, Foreman Faustina? Just, tuck myself inside? Like this?"

I didn’t figure this job would be quite this awesome.

“Yppan wægn hyrst! Meltan ðone as wyrpe! Onl ænan tôhwon onsægung ongen æman wægn hârwenge rihtanealdgeweorc folde!”

Hey. Does anybody smell smoke?

Solstice Maintenance
12/7/2022 9:06am

It was first day of extra credit at the Time Engines for Psychic Shop Class and we got assigned to Foreman Rickles. He told us not to touch anything and @Fardambango made a crack about how he couldn't touch anything anyway so we got sent to the breakroom. The microwave was disgusting and the whole place smelled like fish.

@jason may kept saying he was going to barf on account of the smell and we didn't believe him, but then he woofed it right into the sink. We tried to wash it down but I don't know what he had for breakfast because there was some really weird stuff in there looked like curly spiders. @2Jax thought that was the coolest thing ever and scooped some up in a dirty coffee mug and took it back to the dorms.

Shop teacher says we still get extra credit because we're learning about what it's like to have jobs.