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12/7/2021 11:48pm

Hey! I'm gravitationally bound, but settling in here real nice at psyhigh. Holding it together!!

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12/9/2021 10:51pm

Hey so I was in the the nurse's office a couple of weeks ago having my tests. I have to keep my mass up in order to remain gravitationally bound, so once a week they put me on the double-pan and write it down and there's a special drink they give me. And I spend a lot of time at the gym.

So anyway there was a student in there with their head all bandaged up and the clipboard on the bed said @Paradi. C. Benzene -- who is that same student whose face is now on the MISSING posters all over campus.

Well, I just found out that if you click on the ALTERNATE DIMENSION button here on the site you can read their journal. It's the swirly one with the stars. You should check it out! Maybe they can take down the MISSING posters now.

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12/24/2021 7:40pm

Looks like we're both stuck on campus on Christmas, @Sweetie2!

Actually I'm just hoping I can remain gravitationally bound enough to hold it together. I mean, usually it just "works" but what's to keep me from just drifting out in all directions, forever?

Gravity, that's what.

Anyway sometimes I drift around campus.

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New Year New You
1/3/2022 10:11pm

I visited the AAC swap meet, thinking I might “trade in” my gravitationally bound qualities for something more concrete.

But I ended up absorbing the stuff on half the tables into my orbit and things were flying around and then I began to manifest all of their qualities as a kind of superior omni-being.

Until the campus security came, anyway.

I’m not allowed to go to the swap meet anymore.

1/11/2022 10:24pm

The school nurse has me on centering exercises. She says that by finding my center and dwelling there, it can create the kind of gravity I need to hold everything together. And that this is how it works for everybody normally. I just forgot how to do it.

It would be awesome to have it just work automatically. Is that really how you do it? Without even thinking about it you're just "there" and all your particles come together with apparent solidity? What do you think about when you're doing it? Do you have a mantra? What is your trigger? A safeword?

"Can't you just put me in some kind of ray machine and cure me, doc? Stick me in a faraday cage and reverse my polarity or something?"

"We have found the ray machine to be ineffective."

The meds kind of help. Most of the time I can't tell they're doing anything, except for the fact I'm not all drifted apart, I guess.

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