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11/12/2017 8:33pm

So apparently, if you capture a spirit's energy and concentrate it in the physical form of a cup, and then forget you did that and try to drink tea from that cup later, the cup will be very against that action. Lesson of the day: don't forget what objects you animated, and cups don't enjoy being drank from.

My grandmother sent me some flowers for my birthday, to "keep me company". Well, I think it's a flower. It's still just a sprout at the moment. But hey, I really do love the idea. I think it's already brightening up my dorm room -- its aural presence is bright and cheerful. She always knows what'll bring a smile to my face.

I just hope Grandma didn't send me a tropical species. Winter's coming after all. You can always tell when snow's on the way because the pygmy Cherufe the kids Occultus kids keep as a pet starts hibernating. Just kinda curls up and pouts, doesn't even take a tiny bite of the Human Tofu (TM) he usually loves to munch on. Myuri hates to see him like that. She's always had a soft spot for elemental beings. Every year I remind her that even if his external shell cools to rock, internally he's hotter than ever, but it doesn't do much to get her to relax. I just hope she doesn't volunteer for Furnace Duty again this year. Last time, every Wednesday she begged me to help her roll the Cherufe down to the furnaces so he could warm up for a while. If she wasn't so good at Hypersuasion I never would've done it. Rolling him back up the stairwells afterwards made me feel like Sisyphus, only slightly more successful.

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Broken Clock
11/7/2017 8:56pm

Welp, every place on campus with even partial sound-dampeners or even the weakest sound block charm is PACKED. The incessant disembodied ticking noise resonating across campus has chased most students into the nooks and crannies of the school, trying to find even momentary relief. It's kinda ironic: in seeking silence, everyone crowds together in a noisy huddle. K.T. was making a fine profit selling 100% guaranteed soundless headphones, until word spread that "soundless" didn't mean noise cancellation, it meant they can't play any music. Rumor is he's either camped out in the guidance office claiming sanctuary. The more angry customers searching for him are a ticking time bomb of fury, spurred on by that maddening Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock... Tick.......

--Er, anyways, the lines for the Meditation Chambers -- you know, the ones in subterranean hall C -- are like a mile long, since they're so quiet and relaxing. Luckily I had scheduled using chamber 12B earlier this week so I could do that visionary project Mr. Øttenbœl assigned. I got to skip the line, but my time slot was shortened to accommodate the crowds. It kinda sucked, cause I can't See as well when I'm being rushed, but I understand. The poor attendants looked so frazzled already, I wasn't going to cause more issues for them by whining.

It was pretty great sitting in the calm. The sound waves didn't look so frenzied anymore. My Other Eyes were in focus and Seeing liketysplit. I actually had a pretty clear vision too, given the limited time frame. I was standing by a frozen pond, and I could see all these little black fish throwing themselves against the ice, trying to escape? I looked up, and the sky was red. When I looked down again, the fish were scattering, the ground rumbled, and a huge green sea monster surged from the depths, shatter both the ice and vision. My eyes snapped open and my Other Eyes squeezed shut and that was that.

So yeah, that was something. I'm filling out the Vision Analysis worksheet right now, picking out the symbols and interpretations and whatever. I don't know why I'm bothering though -- I'm pretty sure Mr. Øttenbœl is going to cancel tomorrow's class due to "clock related cranial disturbances". I guess I just find the class fun. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a Sight-oriented class.

11/5/2017 6:56am

Be careful of the time hiccups everybody. The transition wasn't smooth everywhere. That's all I'll say.

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11/1/2017 2:22pm

Sometimes it's nice to just lay down, take a breather. You know? Everything is moving so fast. It's already November! That means my birthday is soon. If I was a dryad, I'd be getting another ring this week. That'd be cool.

I came back to school yesterday and caught the second half of the demon-world event @Big Jim was advertising. It really was unspeakable horror, they went all out this time. I can't even describe the visions -- and I didn't dare even Peek with my Other Eyes. A couple of kids passed out, but can you blame them? Oh, and there were free candy apples. That was my favorite part, second only to witnessing the raw power of the corrupted underworld.

Looking at the chilly weather today though, I wouldn't be surprised if a Yuki-onna demon or two managed to stick around our mortal plane. I'm wearing five layers right now to keep from shivering. Though that's partially due to the fact that administration shut off my dorm hall's heat. It's a punishment for the Door Wars... to get everyone to "chill out". I'd complain, but honestly it's worked like a charm. Everyone is too cold and sluggish to hate each other -- especially the cold blooded kids. Some people have even apologized in order to gain access to extra blankets or hot chocolate. Who knew unusual punishment could work out so well? Myuri offered to let me spend the nights in her room until the heat comes back on, but I think I'll stay here for now. The frost on the window looks so pretty in the morning, and the cold really improves life-force conductivity.

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10/27/2017 10:26pm

Oh my gosh, things have been awful in my dorm hall. It's mostly upperclassmen here, and we've all been at each other's throats all week. Arguments, relationship deterioration, insults, a few cases of mild vandalism as well. Even I've been belligerent lately, and I'm usually pretty chill. Every comment someone makes gets a snippy response from someone else, which provokes a sarcastic reply, which leads to a passive aggressive reaction, and that's how you end up with Door Wars.

What's Door Wars? Well, to be fair, I'm the only one who calls it that right now. It's just the stupid fight going on outside my room. Troy decided that he'd had enough of Nelaus, so he found some way to connect Troy's dorm room's door to a portal to the girl's bathroom in the busiest hallway of the school. Did I mention it was a one-way portal, so when Troy stumbled through it he had no way to leave except the girl's bathroom's exit, ensuring that everyone'd see him leaving the girl's room? Yeah, obviously he was mad by the time he got back. So he put a one-way portal behind Nelaus's door, this one going to some bog about an hour away from campus. Nelaus stepped straight into a lake of muck. Cold muck. Wearing converse shoes and cargo shorts. Of course, when he returned his friends insisted on avenging him... and Troy's friends avenged him by extending the trick to Nelaus's friends... and it just grew like some epidemic of hate. One kid was shoved through a portal that led to southern Alaska. Another ended up in the private side of the White House. It was really scary when Maggie's door took her to the very edge of the Sear's Tower. Luckily, she's a natural levitator so she could control the fall, but it was still super irresponsible. At this point, everyone is terrified to step into or out of their dorm. I've been going through the windows, myself. K.T. has been going door-to-door selling "insta-return" rocks. He claims that if you activate the rock's inscription and toss it toward where you stepped through a portal, it'll re-connect the space-time path and force a return portal to appear. But he's been selling all sorts of snake oil since freshmen year, so I'm not buying it. Windows work just fine for me, thanks.

I wish I knew why everyone's turned loco. Usually we're able to tolerate each other relatively well. Did someone put a curse on our floor? Did we disrespect a fairy queen? Is the Halloween atmosphere turning us all into monsters? There's been five physical fights between kids in my year during the past three days. If we keep this up, either someone's going to really let loose the anger and decimate a third of the school (again) or school administration is going to intervene. And trust me, nobody wants that kind of intervention.

Gosh, everything and everyone is just seems so IDIOTIC right now! I can't take this! I think I'll go visit my parents this weekend -- I need to get away. Maybe I'll even stay there for Halloween, it'd probably be safer for me. I think Mom wanted my help soon anyways, talking to my brother about his new girlfriend. Apparently she thinks the girl is a Hulder. Great. My dullard of a sibling sure knows how to pick his lady friends.

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Ghost Hotel
10/23/2017 3:54pm

Friendly warning to anyone who's planning on going to the Prophecy, Omens, and Time-Travel building. Some sticky substance has started seeping through the third level floor to the second level ceiling, and walking through either will get you rather stuck. The stairwell is in an equally sticky situation. Several students are trapped in the goop. @Janitor Pete and the others are already appealing to the Spongiform Unimind as to how to properly clean up the mess, but it'll probably be a while til it's all cleared up. No one's really sure what happened yet -- no one's escaped the building as of right now -- but if you believe the rumors, a séance in the Memory Greenhouse turned violent. The person I talked to claimed that it's a combination of ectoplasm, cytoplasm, molasses, and pure spite that's slowly spreading through the building. But that doesn't even make sense. Where did the molasses come from?

10/19/2017 4:51pm

I keep telling myself I just need to survive until Thanksgiving Break, but the way things are going I feel like I won't make it another week, let alone another month. Everything has been super busy lately I guess. Especially since Halloween is coming up. Freshmen, if you think Psyhigh is something special during the normal times, just wait until All Hallows Eve -- or as the old-school teachers insist on calling it, "Samhain".

One of my favorite clubs has its first meeting of the school year next week. Have I ever discussed Occult Sciences Olympiad in my journal? I don't think so. It's kind of a science competition thing, where you pick two or three events to compete in and study. At the competitions, you either take a test or perform a task based on the event you chose. Last year, I did Gnosis, Cleromancy, and Tarot Calculation. I wasn't the best at those events. Tarot Calculations was especially hard for me. I always confused the Page of the Suit of Hearts and the Page of the Suit of Swords for whatever reason. This year though, there's a new event called Psychometry, and with my Other Eyes I think I can totally dominate there. The coaches say that I'll have to check the rules first though, to see if using that sort of gift is legal. I swear, the Occult Sciences Olympiad rules get pickier and pickier each year.

The area around the Rickety Bridge is entirely blocked off from students right now. There's "CAUTION DO NOT ENTER" tape around it, and I'm pretty sure I could see some basic wards around there too to keep curious students out. I'm kind of bummed that I can't hang out over there (it's super pretty in the autumn) but hey, at least it's that bridge that's sealed off and not the main bridge near center campus. It'd be a pain in the butt trying to get to the science lab buildings if that area was closed. It's bad enough that the path I take to my sixth hour class has been over-crowded all week by wannabe Bacchaes. They don't even do the rites correctly, and all they have is grape juice from the cafeteria.

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10/12/2017 7:55pm

I have to remember to not forget to recall that I need to keep in mind that it's vital that I know not to push aside to recollect that it's important to put in my head that it should be committed to memory that it shouldn't be simply heeded the fact that it needs to be retrieved from my reminiscences that I can't misremember that it's imperative that I think back upon the necessity that I can quickly conjure up the idea of being able to retain the truth about the fact that I must make note of the requirement that I always heed that I cannot repress that I have to remember I

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10/9/2017 6:34am

Oh man, I am beat. My weekend was completely shot. Forbidden Sport had the conference competition on Saturday, and the coach whose turn it was to organize it this year had NO idea what he was doing. He forgot the golden apple for goodness sakes! Between his screw ups and spurts of rain, we were delayed for SIX HOURS. It was miserable, just sitting on the bus with my team, no where to go, nothing left to talk about.

After hour three, fights started breaking out.

Gretel got sealed in a time bubble. Dearia still has antlers. And Kroepo's feelings were seriously hurt. She hasn't recovered her "calm" or "sadness" yet.

We won conference, by the way. Still not sure if it was worth it, but don't tell my coach that.

After that fiasco, I had my Positivity Club meeting. I'm historian. It's a stressful ordeal, that club. We're responsible for all the positive energies, vibes, life forces, auras, and power-flows that move through school grounds. We document them, observe their patterns, deduce meanings, encourage or discourage flows based on density, and much too often end up untangling them from stuff. Tree branches usually. That's actually why people love sitting under trees, if you were wondering.

The meeting went long as well. The Negativity Club has been neglecting their duties, so we had to pick up their slack and discuss how to approach them. I suggested we take all the "negatives" we've had to contain for them and bake them into a pie, then give the pie to them on Halloween. The others said that was too cruel, but their whole thing is detecting dark/negative energies! They'd catch on to the prank. And if they didn't well, they shouldn't have been in Negativity Club, should they? We need actually dedicated students to be part of this organization -- everyone knows psychic kids are especially sensitive to wild, unbalanced energies. The dumb freshmen are going to start, like, freaking out as soon as they sense a discontinuity.

Sorry, I'm not usually this mean. I'm just so tired. There's too many people. Too many projects. Too many disasters. I haven't even finished my homework. I'd go work on it in the Self-Aware Library (S-AL) but I'm afraid I'd just fall asleep. And S-AL likes to make fun of those who doze.

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Psychic Menagerie
10/6/2017 7:09pm

To @Panther and Bear pest removal service

Pest Report:

Suspected Pest Species: Ahuizotl
Location(s) Sighted at: Beneath or near that rickety old bridge by the forest. (You'll know it when you see it)
Reason For Report: Numerous animal carcasses (mainly squirrels and rabbits) found without eyes or teeth. Second and first hand reports of infant-like cries coming from the area. Concern that the next victim could be a student or one of the fae-favored woodland creatures.

Additional Notes:
If you can, please remove this creature through peaceful methods! From what I've seen, I wouldn't be surprised if this was still only a little pup.

Additional additional notes:
Do you have any Blimpaboo repellent? There's so many in my room I can't take a step without almost squishing a little guy....

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