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Advanced Telekinesis Class
2/14/2021 10:55pm

Honestly remote learning with @Ms. Wissen has been tough. Mostly because she broadcasts on a theta wave (on account of the psycho-regeneration) and it's hard to make sense of what she's saying unless you're dreaming. But how can you do telekinesis when you're dreaming? That sounds dangerous.

So me and some of the other kids have been meeting to see what we can figure out on our own. @Kaia Malone and @Buttermilk Alfredo and @Conoco Phillips and @Lucas Arrum and I. We had been meeting in the Spoonbender, having hot psychoactive kombucha and muffins, but today we got thrown out for making stuff fly everywhere.

We were getting pretty cocky I guess, which is why afterwards in the parking lot--we lifted the whole PHS Bus! All of us together. With our minds. We held hands. It was cute.

You know how we're not supposed to do "big" stuff without adult supervision though so shhhh don't tell ANYBODY it was us. We only lifted it up like 30 feet and only for a few seconds. We were real careful I swear.

But isn't this great? I feel like we are finally learning advanced things.

Advanced Telekinesis Class
2/6/2021 1:21pm

Does anybody else have a brain cramp from Advanced TK?

Flipping the penny is easy. and so is floating my book with 100 pages or less (The Communist Manifesto, by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels). But doing the psychic pumps and curls with the dictionary at the same time is hurting my head! Guess I shouldn't have picked The Oxford English Dictionary Compact Edition, which is 15 pounds.

Anyway I just know all this conditioning is going to pay off for whatever @Ms. Wissen has in mind next! I am going to hang out at the Spoonbender later today practicing if anybody wants to meet up.

P.S. I know some students are complaining about having to wear the protective googles, but all I can say to that is "gee it's lucky you don't have to wear them all the time like me" which is on account of my condition.