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Save the Baby Bamboo!
1/27/2021 6:35am

I have a great idea. what if anybody who is in to manifesting stuff to control the future manifested this little bamboo baby as a healthy strong adult!

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PsyHigh Book Club
1/27/2021 6:31am

hey @Lucas Arrum what does @Poo Pee look like?
I may have seen them but I can't be sure.

1/27/2021 6:29am

hello world!!!!!
I was wondering if there was any clubs that I could join to meet some new people? it would be lovely to build a friend group!

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Advanced Telekinesis Class
1/22/2021 9:56am

I, Kaia Lucia Malone,
would absolutely love to take this class! I was known for being able to levitate objects at my Children's Circle, but I can't do anything beyond basic levitation of objects.
My ID: insuperabilisexpeditioniseventus

School Store Oddities
1/21/2021 1:34pm

I found an ancient tome filled with fairy tales in their original language. I am currently in possession of it an I am quite satisfied
5 stars

Feeling Down
1/21/2021 11:05am

thanks a lot @Lucas Arrum I really needed that. Do you have any advice on how to feel better/what to do?

Feeling Down
1/21/2021 9:34am

I woke up this morning and I felt, to the very core of my beings, like I wanted to give up. Just go back to bed and never get up again, no matter the consequence. I just want to feel ok, and be able to be happy about the opportunities here. Is this depression, just me having a bad day, or something else entirely?

Feeling Down
1/21/2021 9:25am

I think I'm depressed

1/21/2021 8:52am

Hey, I'm new, what's going on?