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Psychic Crime Family Picnic
5/27/2015 5:55pm

Junior SPECIAL Agent Lulu is monitoring all your transmissions - make no mistake about that, you international Psychic Crime Pscumbags. And it serves you right, @Tony24 that there's no International Psychik Stryke Team on the way. It's hands-off on Nova Sienna - orders from the top. You've made your undead vampire bed, and now you're just gonna have to lie in it.

As for @Lazzeretto, I'm just sure he's mixed up with this FIFA scandal. We've all seen him out on the grounds, playing with his balls. Er, ahem, his "two meditation balls of flame." Yeah, well he's about to feel those balls get a lot hotter. I summoned up a pair of deep-info daemons who are now ghosting his full financial background. Plus, I get extra credit in Ritual Forensics for casting the request.

Now nothing to do but wait for those little spooks to return from their big data dive. I've got the circle laid out on the floor of the Junior Special Agent HQ, the incense is burning the candles are lit... and I'm back on stake out. Just me and my computer screens and my ritual invocation and a cup a joe from the Spoonbender. Could be in for a late night.

Psychic Crime Family Picnic
5/13/2015 8:42pm

Junior SPECIAL Agent Lulu reporting.

Still hot on the trail of the International Psychic Crime Psleazebag ring - and their ringleaders @Tony24 and @Lazzeretto. Unfortunately, as a Junior Special Agent, I'm not allowed to call in International Psychik Pstrike Teams, otherwise @Tony24 would likely already be in custody. For questioning. In one of our interdimensional detention centers - which we're allowed to operate under the National Psychic Security Reforms. Plus there's the issue of foreign sovereignty, with no extradition treaty with Nova Siena. But there are ways around that.

What is even more infuriating is tracking that shady @Lazzeretto. And no, that's not a racist comment - we are fully trained in Undead Empathy before we can wear the Junior Special Agent badge. I just know I can catch him tripping up, but he's got some method of evading my Third Eye scans. I've placed a network of the hyper-miniaturized Third Eyes in his dorm hall, the cafeteria, the gym, and everywhere else he might haunt. Since the Third Eyes are sentient, a few of them may have actually wandered into his room - but hey, I've got no control of that. Still admissible in Psecret Psychic Court hearings, though.

But the kid just won't show up in the scans. I know he's there - we can see doors opening, objects seeming to float around the room (as he picks them up, we assume), but no ID on the perp. The blood sucker's got no reflection on any level of the psychic EM bands. And without that, I can't get the warrant we'd need for a detention.

So I wait. Stakeout-style. Just me and a cup of coffee, watching the array of screens in the Junior Special Agent HQ, waiting for him to slip up.

Over and out.

Psychic Crime Family Picnic
5/6/2015 12:25am

Actually, it's Junior Special Agent Lulu. I'm in the junior wing of the Psy Corps - or as you and your friends probably call it, the Psy Cops. I frankly don't care what you call it. I am a firm believer in rules. And order. I'm one of those students you see jogging in their fatigues with the drill sergeant across campus in the morning. I'm going to the Psy Corp Academy as soon as I graduate.

Like all of you, I was born after the reforms to the National Psychic Security Act. Before that time, it wasn't legal to be psychic, and it was rough. People had to live a lie. Or in denial. Or be part of the underground. Or in jail - the psychic kind.

But now we've got the reforms, and living within those rules is the one thing keeping us from going back to those bad old days. That's why I'm in Jr. Psy Corp. I believe those rules are what keep us safe. And you've all studied the rules in PsyHistory class. I'm talking about the Kohl Memorandum.

I don't know why they don't teach it better in school, because everyday I see students breaking some part of the Kohl Memorandum or another. Unregulated Time Alterations. Over-Threshold Telepathic Engagements. Futures Wrangling.

But tell me, people - how could you forget: Aiding and Abetting International or Interdimensional Criminal Activity? That's just common sense. C'mon.

Which is why I am talking to @Lazzeretto right away. That boy has got it comin'! He's working with two international criminal organizations that I know of, and who knows what else. A boy that is apparently lacking in as much common sense as he is bound to walk into a mess of trouble. He AND his friend @Tony24.

@Lazzeretto better hope he's a morning person!

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