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Who do you love?
2/25/2024 9:39pm

I appreciate the little fellas in the woods who run the bubble car service stations. Any time I'm out there flying the bubble car out over the woods and I got bubble car trouble like a puncture or a service light or maybe I just need a squeegee, I can drop on in at any one of their tree top stations and I can trust that I'll get the best bubble car service that's out there. They're not gonna gouge you or over charge or make up some problem your bubble car doesn't have, because they know it's a lot better to gain a long term customer with honesty than any short term dark money fly by night scam is gonna make em.

1/8/2024 10:24pm

Bubble car is like a water droplet on a black sedan this time of year. It gets dark early and I take off over the hills, kill the headlights and put it in transparent mode. Slippery as mercury and see-through to boot.

Nothing between me and the trees below and the night sky above but the dash lights.

Cold and rainy outside, warm and cozy inside. Bubble car runs totally silent.

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11/19/2023 11:51pm

So nice taking the bubble car out for a spin this weekend. Lifting off from the roof of my dorm, skimming over all the beautiful fall leaves of the forest, following the river upstream and into the hills and landing in a mountain meadow for a picnic lunch.

Really lucky they're not popular yet. Pretty soon everybody will have them and the skies will be filled with bubble cars.

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Back to School Roll Call
10/13/2023 10:19pm

It's really great that psyhigh allows seniors to have parking spaces. If I couldn't park my bubble car here, I would have complained a lot more about having to go here.