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Transdimensional Welcome Center
9/26/2023 5:57pm

You're welcome, @Meeker Ya!

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9/21/2023 4:19pm

An alien came to this school. Her name is Estreia. I talked to her earlier and we shared our experiences.

Estreia is from another galaxy, on a planet where there are "Epics", another race. Her drawing of herself has a pink glow.

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Transdimensional Welcome Center
9/17/2023 5:56am

@Meeker Ya,
Is there a Thought Divider in your room?
You can't see it. It's sort of an invisible shield placed in your room if you are staying with multiple people, 1 per roommate.
It's not sold with your Psyhigh room.

Buy it at any psychic furniture store.

The Hirat Psychic Shop (My store, right near Psyhigh) does not include this item because it's only for magic rituals, multiverses, and gemstone outfits.

Letters from Ho
9/12/2023 5:30pm

See my other journal for stuff relating to the shop specifically.

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9/10/2023 4:44pm

A new girl is here at Psyhigh. Her name is Ester Hill, came to vlog as "EsterReal", and sings in this gibberish.

She is skeptical of everything psychic, and was teleported here to be a "Spy of Psyhigh".

I don't like her, and she deserves to be in Sanity City, a normal city where your Psyhigh memories are gone, disconnected from the rest of Earth.

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Weird Thunderstorm Warning
9/10/2023 8:52am

Will the weather witch cause very-odd-to-foreigners thunderstorms again?

(I'm a transfer student new to Psyhigh).

Psyhigh Discord
9/9/2023 8:56am

I don't have Discord. No idea what Discord is...

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For My Psychic Shop Specifically
9/9/2023 8:22am


Ho's Forest- will put you in the "Forest Area" and traditional clothes of the people in the Forest Area so that the peasants would not attack you. The audio guide would talk about the nature of the Area. Right after you say "Back to Tri-Cities", you'll appear in the shop again with your normal clothing.

Hirat Psychic Shop-origins: will put you in the working-class areas and a jade-inspired outfit as you are guided by the audio about the origins of this shop and how healing magic came to this area. You can easily say "Back to Tri-Cities" to put you in the shop and your clothing again.


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For My Psychic Shop Specifically
9/9/2023 7:54am

Grand Opening Ceremony:

1-2 pm: Mesmer Hall, presentation for more details
2-4 pm: See the Hirat Psychic Shop in person! Make your first purchase.

For My Psychic Shop Specifically
9/9/2023 5:46am

I'm starting a shop!

Only people who know that Psyhigh (and the Tri-cities) exist could enter.
Else: You are sent back to Earth with no memories of Psyhigh. You couldn't go to the Tri-cities AGAIN.
Skeptics (of magic) are welcome, but they don't see the white auras emitted by the White Aura Detector.
Psychics could see white auras.

Here are my signature items:
Visit Ho-Forest: Teleports you to my home dimension, without using astral projection. The audio describes the nature of Ho's forest area.
Hirat Psychic Shop: Origins-Teleports you to the area where I want to go, but never could. The audio guide describes the inspiration of the Hirat Psychic Shop and the history of Ho's economic system.

Lapis dress (gem dresses): dresses inspired by your "empathy crystal". (You want protection? Get a tiger's eye dress. Do you want clarity? The quartz dress is for you.)

Other items include healing magic textbooks, crystal healing services, and clairvoyance services.

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