Jaymie Stokes

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temporal off ramp
5/20/2023 12:50pm

I’m getting down to the last of my Sour Skittles and would like to talk to you about a hookup, @recos daik. It would mean setting up a temporal off-ramp from your loop, but it could fit in nicely with my summer capstone in Advanced Detemporalization.

Introduce Yourself
5/4/2023 1:28pm

I got sent here because of my uncontrollable candy addiction and using my mind powers to order cases and cases of Chibi Sours, Nerd Ropes, Hi-Chews, Slime Lickers, Poiful, Trolli Crawlers, and Sourpatch. When my mom found the garage full of them I had to come to Psyhigh and wear a mental headband till I have it under control.

...you don't have any Starbust, do you?