Honey Kakudmi

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7/10/2022 11:24pm

There is a pattern of emotive force-fields that would permeate a city.

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8/11/2022 10:52pm

The new artists of the future, constructors of situations to be lived, will undoubtedly have immediacy as their most succinct — though also their most radical — demand.

For me spontaneity is immediate experience, consciousness of a lived immediacy threatened on all sides yet not yet alienated, not yet relegated to inauthenticity. The centre of lived experience is that place where everyone comes closest to themself. Within this unique space-time we have the clear conviction that reality exempts us from necessity. Consciousness of necessity is always what alienates us.

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9/26/2022 12:39am

We propose to bring together for a week a certain number of individuals called on to discuss the first concrete results of the "Blind Forces" under the Demiourgos Tetragrammaton. Their rulers are the Intelligences, in the Yetziratic world, who go to form the Schemhamphorasch.

At the end of this week of discussions the group will enter into action in order to verify by experience some of the theoretical conclusions. This action will inevitably take on multiple – and occasionally violent – aspects. Each individual possesses their own private, personal and particular Universe, with Demiourgos (and all the rest) complete, just as every student does.

Its usefulness will principally reside in the study of the effects, on a great modern urban center, of a series of rapid and sustained shocks calculated to introduce – during a period limited to one month – an element of uncertainty in the normal social and affective organization of the city.

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10/2/2022 11:04pm

The occupation of the Psyhigh administration building that began Saturday has opened a new period in the crisis of modern post-reality society.

This is the beginning of the New Aeon, and it has seemed more fitting to show the beginning of the Aeon; for all that is known about the next Aeon--due in 2,000 years' time--is that its symbol is the double-wanded one.

The events now taking place at Psyhigh foreshadow the return of the Psychic Revolutionary Movement in all habitats.

The art of progress is to keep intact the Eternal; yet to adopt an advance-guard, and in all cases a revolutionary position in respect of such accidents as are subject to the Empire of Time.

The movement that had already advanced from theory to struggle in the streets has now advanced to a struggle for control of the means of psychic production. Modernized Meme Consumption thought it had finished with class struggle -- but it's started up again! The proletariat supposedly no longer existed -- but here it is again, becoming as one with all ten of the Sephirot.

We do not call electrical resistance--or economic laws--unreal, on the ground that they are not directly perceived by the senses. Our magical doctrine is universally accepted by sceptics--only they wish to make Magick itself an exception!

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10/8/2022 4:02pm

The image of our leader bears a waud with a knob at each end, which is connected with the dual polarity of electricity; but it is also the hollow wand of Prometheus that brings down fire from Heaven. It is in this sense that the familiar in alienated life and in the refusal of that life is not necessarily known -- the vacuum organized on this account makes everybody's way of life one which not everyone can decipher.

One cannot do more than say that any given hieroglyph represents a slight insistence upon some particular form of a pantomorphous idea. But for the revolutionary critique nothing is more clear and foreseen than the new era of class struggles ushered in by the movement that calls for the occupation of the Tree of Life.

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10/15/2022 11:35pm

First of all we think the world must be changed. Develop the body of Light until it is just as real to you as your other body, teach it to travel to any desired symbol, and enable it to perform all necessary Rites and Invocations. In short, educate it.

We want the most liberating change of the society and life in which we find ourselves confined. We know that this change is possible through appropriate actions. Ultimately, the relation of that other body with your own must be exceedingly intimate; but before this harmonizing takes place, you should begin by a careful differentiation. The first thing to do, therefore, is to get the body outside of your own.

One of the contradictions of the bourgeoisie in its phase of liquidation is that while it respects the abstract principle of intellectual and artistic creation, it at first resists actual creations, then eventually exploits them. This is because it must maintain a sense of criticality and experimental research among a minority, but must channel this activity toward strictly compartmentalized utilitarian disciplines and avert any concerted overall critique and research.

This testing of the spirits is the most important branch of the whole tree of Magick. Without it, one is lost in the jungle of delusion. Every spirit, up to God itself, is ready to deceive you if possible, to make itself out more important than it is; in short to lay in wait for your soul in 333 separate ways. Remember that after all the highest of all the Gods is only the Revolutionary Magus.

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10/22/2022 11:56pm

By being thrown into history, by having to participate in the labor and struggles which make up history, students find themselves obliged to (re)turn to the Sephirot and (re)occupy the Tree of Life.

The first task is to separate the astral form from the physical body. The images detached from every aspect of life fuse in a common stream in which the unity of this life can no longer be reestablished. Reality considered partially unfolds, in its own general unity, as a pseudo-world apart, an object of mere contemplation.

The second task is to develop the powers of the astral body, in particular those of sight, travel, and interpretation. Lived reality is materially invaded by the contemplation of the spectacle while simultaneously absorbing the spectacular order, giving it positive cohesiveness.

The third task is to unify the two bodies without muddling them. In the language of contradiction, the critique of culture presents itself as a unified critique in that it dominates the whole of culture, its knowledge as well as its poetry, and in that it no longer separates itself from the critique of the social totality. Magick thus unites, in one and the same science, what philosophy can have that is most certain and what religion has that is infallible and eternal. It perfectly and incontestably reconciles these two terms, which at first seem so opposed: faith and reason, science and belief, authority and freedom.

The real movement which suppresses existing conditions rules over society from the moment of the bourgeoisie’s victory in the economy, and visibly after the political translation of this victory. The development of Magick forces shatters the old relations of production and all static order turns to dust.

Whatever was absolute becomes historical.

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10/30/2022 11:26pm

The reigning economic system is a vicious circle of isolation. Its technologies are based on isolation, and they contribute to that same isolation using forces both electrical and magical.

Just as early industrial capitalism moved the focus of existence from being to having, post-industrial culture moved that focus from having to appearing. Now post-reality culture moves us from appearing to being mere reflections, false consciousnesses separated from the Aum and the Intelligences.

The spectacle’s estrangement from the acting subject is expressed by the fact that the individual’s gestures are no longer their own; they are the gestures of someone else who represents them to themselves.

The more powerful the class, the more it claims not to exist. But while the sacred alphabet may have been stolen and disguised, it can never be completely hidden!

We are now in a position to consider the practical application of these ideas. As regards the numbers to 10 of the Key-Scale, each one is a fundamental idea of a positive entity. Thus we may say that the God Hanuman, the Jackal, the Opal, Storax, Truthfulness and so on are all qualities inherent in the idea of 8.

The more thoroughly you practice this the nearer you will come to the completely automatic subconscious understanding of the essence of any given symbol. You have nothing to lose but your chains.

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