Hesperus Meadows

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Weird Thunderstorm Warning
8/17/2023 11:52pm

The Green Teen appears in later history records of the region as well. The area northwest of the Tri-cities is still known for rumours about a secret testing site for advanced weaponry in the 1950's. Reports of a "green flash" emanating from what is now called the Pokey Sharpsville Swamp and Wilderness Area were common in local newspapers at the time.

The Tri-cities Herald Examiner, August, 1952

Harold Dugee, known to many around town for his dependable and honest service as a handy man and cleanup specialist, reported his truck stolen near the edge of the swampland last night, following an eerie encounter.

"I just happened to be driving by," Harold told this reporter over coffee at Banyan's, "when there was that green flash you hear tell about. The whole sky turned green, like there was some kind of explosion, off in the distance. Then all of a sudden, up comes a squall, and the truck gets near covered by swamp water and cattails and frogs!"

Harold noticed a figure running through the gale.

"I got out of the truck an hollered at him 'Get in! Get on out of this mess!' and the kid started running towards me. At least I thought it was a kid, but up close I could see he was one of those Martians, with the green skin and big eyes. And antennas on his head."

Harold was so shocked by the experience, the person in question was able to leap into Harold's truck, lock the door, and drive away. Harold was forced to walk all the way back to town from the swamp.

If you see Harold's truck, please report it to the Sheriff. The bed is stacked high with barrels of chemicals from the mill that Harold had been in the midst of disposing of. Harold says it's best not to get any of that on your hands or in your eyes.

Weird Thunderstorm Warning
8/9/2023 11:56pm

The Green Teen is referenced in several maritime myths, and especially so in the "inland pirate" stories surrounding the nearby river and its neighboring estuary (much nearer to the school in historical accounts).


Captain John Toad of the Gratitude was famous for preying on commercial vessels off the coast, coming in under the chaos of sudden storms. A ship's boy "of wan complexion" was credited with the preternatural nature of the attacks.

The Gratitude was known to travel far upriver to evade the authorities. The HMS Blackfly pursued the Gratitude upriver as far as the present day location of the Tri-cities before being overtaken by a rare river tornado, destroying the Blackfly. Survivors described discovering an idyllic section of the river, filled with Swamp Rose Mallow and Great Blue Lobelia, towering spinnicales and an extensive underground cave system. The survivors were recovered three decades later, but had not aged since their disappearance. The section of the river valley they described could not located.