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Forever Corps
8/2/2018 8:50am

Wow the doctors at Gimbutasville sure know what they’re doing! Don’t be fooled by the rustic setting—behind the vineries and the graineries they’ve got some serious science going on. Supposedly they’re the most advanced of all the eco-utopias, though they’re sharing their knowledge with the whole network so they can be stronger together.

Anyhoo, they removed the eyeballs from my forearm and all the spleens and livers that weren’t mine and I feel like a million bucks. Ha! Ĝi estas vivo, I guess.

@7mary7 didn’t get the same bill of health as I did, though. She needs some kind of extended gene therapy—which they can do here at Gimbutasville—but it means she’ll miss the ride back to Forever Corps Plaza. She said it’s fine if I go on without her, but she gets to keep @Electric Mummy Head. Which is fine with me! I’m going to give it one more kick in the bowling bag before I go.

Forever Corps
7/13/2018 6:09pm

Shhhh don't tell but I'm totally playing hooky from Forever Corps. Me and @7mary7, that is, because she wouldn't let me go alone. @Electric Mummy Head promises we'll be back in the communal dorms at Matriarchal Farms a split second after we left though so I'm not worried.

So now we're living it up on the Momo Holiday, which is like a secret cruise ship for the all the coolest time travelers. "You'll see the horrors of a faraway place, meet the architects of law face to face," is what @Electric Mummy Head said, and he wasn't lying! All the dead wood from jungles and cities on fire, everybody smoking cigars, and drinking sooooper old wine and stuff. Not that I'm touching any of that, because we'll get kicked off the trip if we get caught and I'm not 100% sure about @7mary7.

There sure is some freaky stuff on this ship though. Giant fat naked guys on carts getting pulled around by teams of young boys harnessed up with electrodes and hoses, robot assassins, hybrid dog-women... a floating electric mummy head fits right in! I see why he likes it, and I'm so glad we ran into him so he could show us around.

Forever Corps
7/7/2018 9:22pm

The future sure is confusing. I'm still getting the hang of those language shots, but mi sentas pli bonan tagon tage. Ne tiel maldika.

For our first assignment, they sent our group to a farm and we're feeding pigs! Except the pigs are in giant tanks of water and wearing VR helmets. "Boy that's some bacon!" I said but maybe the translation drugs aren't working right yet because they sure looked at me funny.

Anyway, it turns out you don't really have to feed them, because of the tubes, but we checked the readouts on the tanks. Everything was a-ok! Apparently the pigs are super smart and they use them to run the factories that make everything so nobody has to work.

"But if the pigs are so smart, how come they can't just check their own tanks?"

And they all looked at me funny again.

See how confusing the future is?

Forever Corps
7/1/2018 3:58pm

Hey I signed up too! We get school credit for it right? I got all my shots today and I’m feeling really woozy especially the language shots I don’t even know what’s coming out of my mouth right now can you understand me ĉu vi povas kompreni min? And what do we pack? Are you bringing toilet paper? This is going to be AWESOME!