Frosty Lad

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Snow at Psy High
12/26/2018 7:35pm

“So how’s it going, @Vina McCulloch?”

“Still with me, Vina?”

“Staying frosty?”

@Vina McCulloch hasn’t said much since we escaped the cataclysm in the throne room. In fact, she hasn’t said anything at all. That’s because I’ve had to leave her entombed in the “ice throne” that @Jack Frost put her in.

When the fireball hit and @Hana Song escaped, I hopped on Vina’s the ice brick and rode it out of the crashing Ice Theater like a toboggan, zooming through tunnels and over precarious bridges of ice, deeper and deeper into the frozen caverns of this dimension. Leaving Vina in hibernation was the only way to keep her alive in this sub-zero land.

So why haven’t I succumbed to these freezing temperatures? Why do I feel better than I ever have eve since I arrived? Why do I feel at home?

Because I am home.

Seeing @Jack Frost’s minions with their blue skin and control over the powers of cold made it obvious that I was not alone, and that the Earth was never my home. And why I'm so different from my parents.

I am a SnowMan. A native of the Wonderland of Snow. This is my true home.

Snow at Psy High
12/16/2018 10:24pm

I'm not sure how much longer @Vina McCulloch can hold on. I try to keep her moving, finding our way back to where we docked our snowflake ship, but I can't find my way through these tunnels of ice and I think we're just getting more and more lost.

Her teeth are still chattering, and I guess that's a good sign. I don't produce any natural body heat, and my powers only allow me to create more ice and low temperatures. No naked snuggle time to save her life, even if we had a sleeping bag. And I can't make a fire. All I could do was give her all my clothes to wear.

Now the Snowmen are on our tail. I thought our luck had turned when we entered the great ice cavern, filled with sound and light, but we entered right into the middle of a great snowball fight! We were soon spotted and all the Snowmen chased us deeper into the tunnels. For awhile Vina was better, because of the adrenalin I imagine, but we didn't bring more than a bag of Haribo Starmix, and I don't think it's a good idea for her to keep eating ice and snow.

Even if we can find @Hana Song I'm not sure we could find our way out.

Snow at Psy High
12/5/2018 10:31pm

Just got your tofu-fried steak with vegan gravy stone cold from the cafeteria? That's me! Frosty Lad! Snowflakes gather when I point my finger.

Seat seems a bit too cold when you sit down for Psionic Resonance first period? I'm in your class!

I've been making the halls icy for the captains of the Psychic Football team, and when they slip and break their ulnas, well, maybe they shouldn't have been such jerks!

I know how to make those ice crystals grow, @Hana Song. If you need a hand bringing the the big weather to Psyhigh, look me up!