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3/6/2024 1:46pm


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3/6/2024 1:44pm

YO! I dropped out of school a little ago =3 but I'm back!!!!!!! =D (ty for the people who @ me in their story) YUH!!!!! so uhm who's the SOTM? is it still the Sarris twins??? someone tell me also I gotta tell yall something MY SIS TRANSVERED- ANYWHO ( @Sara Rosa ) btw me and the Sarris twins know each other IRL =3 (I'm also Sara Rose I have no friends) PEACE!~

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Introduce Yourself
5/7/2023 10:15pm

HI! My name's Estelle Rose, I'm a witch in training. I have recently transferred in, I think this is like my 8th school I have transferred to but this is already the best school i have went to!! I'm so sorry for the huge jelly octopus monster thing, I accidentally made it in chemistry. Actually my aunt used to work here as a witch teacher but not that many people were witches so she quit. Everyone has been really nice. I hope I can someday meet you!

5/7/2023 9:56pm

Dear journal, today was my first day of Psychic High School! My name is Estelle Rose. I’m a witch in-training. Well, I’m not really a beginner. I’m just still in-training. I’m basically a full on witch, but just a little more training to go. I’m a transfer student from a witch school but I turned my teacher into a frog so I got kicked out.

Anywho, my first class was mind control. Of course I failed!!!! What will I do about it??? I’m just a witch, witches can’t use mind control… Well, in class, we had to make this random guy from the street drink coffee. Like you had to use your mind to make him drink it! I was the only one in class who couldn’t make that man take a drink! I guess witches can’t use mind control…? Like I could easily make a potion that would make him drink the coffee, well I guess they want us to use our brain or something????

I actually was in the same class as one of the students of the month. This guy would not stop talking about it. Like he was really annoying but was trying to be nice. He was helping me find my next class, when all of a sudden- I got dress coded for not wearing the school uniform! Such a bummer. Like they didn’t even give me my uniform and I was wearing my favorite outfit and they just rudely dress coded me!!!! It took so long for the school outfit designers to find out my size and they ended up giving up so I got this really baggy outfit. Anywayssss they took so long that I was so late to my second class so I just ended up skipping.

On my way to my next class, I saw a lot of people dancing- pretty random. My third class was chemistry and I messed up BIG time! Sooooooo….. I might’ve got a bit carried away when we were doing a project, I sorta tried putting in one of my potions in the project and it maybe made a giant jelly octopus sort of thing…! The teacher wasn’t happy.

Fourth class was PE. Nothing really happened aside from stretching and sitting around. Then finally it was lunch! I had the lunch lady’s specialty cosmic salad, a hello kitty fizzy pop soda, and macarons for dessert. I also had a side of fries. YUMMY!!!!!

I was sitting outside eating when I saw this portal open up. Janitors were escorting my jelly octopus monster thing into the portal so that it would maybe get sucked away into another dimension. I wanted to be that goopy guy’s friend, but oh well.

Fifth period was robotics, nothing too strange really happened there, we were just starting to make robots. While I was using the restroom I heard this big scream but I ignored it. Sixth class was dance class, I think that’s why all those people were dancing from earlier. I just tried to follow along. I think I did pretty good.

Seventh period was Multiversal History. It gets confusing having to learn so many of the same dates for different histories in all the key alternate realities. It’s interesting, but I wish we were doing more witch stuff. I have to do a bunch of self-taught witchcraft at home with my Aunt and sometimes my cousin (who live in town) all just to try not forget the stuff I already learned.

After class I went to my new dorm, it was really cool and it had everything I needed. Then I just wrote this whole thing. This first day was pretty good, the best first day that I ever had was that one of my many old schools when I got kicked out on my first day. I hope someone doesn’t steal my journal and read the part about me saying the SOTM was annoying wasn't his name like John Jarris or something??? Well, I'm gonna go feed my pet frog Professor Kyle, goodbye journal!

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