Endicott Darnell

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Worm Gardens
5/16/2021 2:27pm

“Scout Darnell, I have visual through the bushes. I can confirm it’s us. There’s Huang, Luna, you, me, Stallworth, Williams....”

“Any sign of the imaginary scouts, Chavez?”

“No, but that’s to be expected.”

“Roger that.”

“However... I don’t see an @Estreya Harlow there. Unless she’s wandered off.”

“That’s to be expected too. We found her already, so she’s not lost. Just us.”

“Makes sense. But what do we do now? Our oath says we must help the lost things...”

“But cross-dimensional travel guidelines are quite clear. If we come in direct contact...”

“... then...”

“That’s right. The big kablooie.”

“Wait, there’s something happening. They’re splitting up. And, uh, I think they’ve spotted us. You and I are heading this way!”

“Quick!  Back to the wormhole!”

Worm Gardens
4/24/2021 7:56pm

"Spirit Guides sound off! Chavez?"













The last three were the imaginary scouts. It's ok. We could hear them.

"Guest @Estreya Harlow?"

Estreya nodded.

"Ok," I continued. "On our way in, it was a straight shot. But now there's a fork in the tunnel we didn't notice. We've got two choices."

"Three, scout Darnell," said scout Huang.

"Excuse me?"

"Three. There are three forks. Look."

"Well I'll be. Three. Ok, we've got three choices."

"Four, Endicott," said Williams.

"What? Now... well I'll be. They seem to be multiplying. But that's ok. What we need to do now is use our Spirit Guide training and concentrate on Lost Things. Everybody got it? Begin the Lost Things Sutra now, and the path will become clear. Ready"

"But scout Darnell?" asked Chavez. "In this case, aren't WE the lost thing? I mean, we're lost, right?"

"It doesn't matter. Everybody concentrate! On the count of three. One... two... three!"

And a little blue will-o-the-wisp appeared inside one of the rapidly multiplying holes.

"Spirit Guides, ahead!"

Worm Gardens
4/17/2021 10:27pm

I'm student leader of the Psyhigh's Spirit Guides (Troop 109). You've seen us in our orange vests doing our community service picking up lost things. We pick up a lot of lost things along the roadsides around campus, like phones and wallets and glasses and memories.

This week we were working on the service roads behind the school and stumbled into one of those wormholes everybody's talking about and do you know where we came out? Ganymede! I recognized it from those brochures about interstellar internships. We found a Galactic Noodle Stand and ran into @Estreya Harlow, who was getting pretty sick of Galactic Noodles but for Troop 109 I can tell you it was a treat!

Anyway, I know right where we came out on this side (the wormhole was behind some boxes in a storeroom) so I'm just going to lead us all back through and we'll be back on campus in a jiffy. Also, a number of the guides are ready for their Wormhole Navigation merit badge so this is a great opportunity.