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Reality Abroad 2022
8/5/2022 10:48pm

We learned that no hotels will take you if you have a bug. People at the desk see you coming with that big cornstalk shrimp over your shoulder, peering around with its antenna eyes, they start shouting at you right away and pointing at the door behind you.

So Bets hides George in her backpack. Which means Nims and I have to stuff all the rest of Bets’ stuff in our backpacks. And though he squirms we've been successful more often than not.

Until now.

There was a big bang on the door to our room and it was Endicott Internal Security. They said we were in a lot of trouble for even having George in our possession, but they'd let us go if we left George behind and delivered a package to Nastrala, the Ninth Moon. There was a 9am shuttle from the regional spaceport tomorrow.

They are letting us keep George for one more night.

Reality Abroad 2022
7/28/2022 9:58pm

Bets brought home a bug from our tour of the Temple of the Crawling Vines.

We've been on Endicott (the fifth moon) for about a week and all the other trekkers we met here said we had to see the Temple, but be sure to get a local guide. After their experience on Mythika, Nims & Bets said no way to that so we went it alone, and while we found ourselves in a few tough patches we made it through mostly unscathed.

And so we're relaxing in an admittedly somewhat sketchy pension and Bets takes off her gear and there's this giant bug on her back, something like a cross between a shrimp and a cornstalk. He seems to be good natured enough. Bets has named him George.

Reality Abroad 2022
7/16/2022 9:43am

Nims & Bets found boyfriends. Ok not exactly “boys” but locals who hang around the tourist traps on Mythika, the seventh moon. They're pretty handsy — in that each of them has six hands — but seem pretty harmless. Probably going to get a kickback from the skinless horse rental stable they helped us find.

Skinless horses are the only way to cross the Howling Plain, because they keep the ghosts away.

Reality Abroad 2022
7/3/2022 11:49pm

STOP, SHOP, and see the STORMS!

That's what the sign says here at the top of Peak Dragana! I've been tramping around the Nine Moons of Ishtr for my Reality Abroad program. Met two super cool travelling companions--Nims & Bets--and it's all our first time so it's awesome!

Peak Dragana is a great place to watch the non-stop lightning storms on this side of the sixth moon, Lugal-Marada. Nims & Bets and I will spend the night then spend a couple days trekking back down to the regional spaceport and haven't decided on moon five or seven next.