Charlotte Douglas

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1/4/2023 11:56pm

The best time to visit airports is at night. That is when we usually go.

It doesn't help to bring cables or ropes to try and lash yourselves together. We tried that enough to know it doesn't work.

You can practice first by hanging out at the natural history museum. There's usually nobody back in the dioramas of extinct animals and ancient peoples. The halls are dark and the scenes are lit up, the skies are curved, and if you close one eye you can start to feel the pull. Some people can make it through on that alone.

But visiting the airport at night you can approach the gates when they are empty. Sometimes find whole terminals that are closed, lights half off and janitors vacuuming or waxing the floors.

That's you best chance to slip through, unseen. But don't use ropes. You gotta hold hands.