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4/15/2016 8:58am

It was hard work, and I got really dirty, but I found my new place and fixed it up.

There's a fake dormer over the south entry door. It's that little roof that juts out with the window? Luckily no birds ever got in it, but it was still really really dirty. Janitor Pete helped me out and we got it sparkly clean. Plus, Pete hooked me up with a number of useful items, like a collection of different sized spools for a table and chairs, and some little gift boxes I've fashioned into a bed. And some of his clean handkerchiefs for blankets.

Also, we made a little elevator (hand pulled) with a pulley and some twine so I can get up to the place. If you look above the door from the inside you can see a ledge up there behind the cornice. That's where my front door is.

After setting all that up, I went to the kitchen and washed the soot off in the sink, walked back to my place, then pulled myself up to my new room and fell asleep. I think I'm starting to get the hang of this miniature life.

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4/12/2016 9:21pm

Shrinking to the size of a mouse can sure help you organize priorities.

Priority #1: Don't get stepped on.

This is a big priority. Students at Psyhigh are usually great about respecting people's differences, but not when they don't even know you're there. Mostly I just skitter along the baseboards - that's the best way to stay out from underfoot.

Priority #2: Don't get worn out.

Being this small means a lot more steps between places. Going up stairs means throwing up a grapple hook and pulling yourself up a rope. Or at least free climbing, if you're lucky. So it's important to create as little distance between your destinations as possible, both horizontally and vertically.

Priority #3: Find accommodation.

Even if it were convenient to get to my dorm room (which it isn't), it wouldn't do me much good because my bed is like 30 feet tall now. I mean, to me. Plus, impossible to make since it's like the size of a football field. So I'm hunting around the main buildings for a proper domicile. Also, I could use a trip to Doll Ikea, if anybody's going. ;)

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4/11/2016 10:54am

Eeeek! I was headed up the stairs to my Spiritual Geography class and shrunk down to the size of a mouse! Watch where you step till I get this figured out.

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