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Match Match
8/30/2016 12:11am

The visit by the Psychic Health Dept didn't go as well as we'd planned. The inspectors were tough cookies, and invoked an operational injunction on us before we could adequately make our case. And before @Chesterfield could offer them treasure beyond their wildest dreams. I told him we should have paid closer attention to the "consume by" dates.

Now with this outlet shut down for at least three turkles of Nfrem (the period it takes Nfrem to roll over in his sleep, which is like 60,000 years in this whistle-stop), we've got to move on to where the gettin's good. @Chesterfield says he knows a place where we can set up another game and get things moving again. And now with @Clumsy Johnson, @Rinsey105 and @Terry Submarine in tow, we've got the the beginning of a proper gang.

See ya around, chumps!

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Match Match
8/18/2016 11:05pm

Part time sales assistants needed!

Do you care deeply about your psychic community? Have you been looking for a way to get in at the ground floor of the uncanny services industry? Are you able to work in a time-folded environment, where two hours of paid clock time can last for up to eight hours of subjective time? Do you have space in your mind to accept the presence of up to three ancient consciousnesses on a full-time basis?

Then you're just the kind of go-getter we're looking for.

Nfrem Holdings LLC has just completed work on an outlet in the south woods of Psyhigh. There we'll be dishing out scoops and scoops of WISDOM directly from the disembodied head of a forgotten deity and serving them to the local community in plain, sugar, waffle, convex, polyhedral, and finitely generated cones.

Applicants should be able to accept and implement constructive criticism from immortal entities ritualistically grafted onto their own minds, and have 1 year retail/customer service experience.

Please apply in person in the old storage room in the back of the library after 9pm. Ask for @Chesterfield.

Match Match
8/2/2016 2:24pm

Newcomers are always welcome to the Tarot Card Match Match table, @Elyris! Just a few minutes to learn, a lifetime to master (as @Chesterfield likes to say).

Basically, Tarot Card Match Match is a French melding and trick-taking card game that utilizes two full 78 card decks, both major and minor arcana, which are shuffled and then laid down in a 12 x 13 grid, or a 1 x 156 line, or anywhere between (including base 5, Pronic, Harshad, or my favorite - Dodecagonal). Each player flips cards, hoping to create matches and melds and taking tricks. We like to play Schrödinger style, so the interplay of the mind set of each player and the representational power of the cards is maximized, and literally ANYTHING can happen!

Also, we do like to include a mild gentleman's wager in each game, which consists of memory chips. Players can ante up with their most inconsequential memories early in the game, but the longer each game goes, the bigger the stakes! It's all just for fun though.

We're in the unused room in the very back of the library. Starts at 9. Can't wait to see you tonight!

Match Match
7/16/2016 5:16pm

Win big at Tarot Card Match Match!

It's been really great getting to know all the students at our epic late night Match Match games. It's fun, right? You're all getting so good I think it could soon be time to let @Chesterfield start playing without his eye patch. ;)

Tonight we're going to start upping the ante to whole days of memories, rather than just moments. I think you'll all find it's even more exciting with just a little bit more skin in the game.

Remember, the Fool and the Magician are wild, aces are low, and we pass to the right when the Wheel of Fortune comes up.

See you in the library tonight!

Match Match
7/4/2016 3:08pm

Don't mind the cobwebs, @Rinsey105. That's just a temporary side effect of @Chesterfield coming and going. He passes through different realities like you and I walk between rooms of a house. He does it by surfing the entropy wakes - the edge of time where things age and decay. You must have arrived right after he got there. It fades away pretty quickly.

Our Tarot Card Match Match game has been going great! Lots of new faces, so be sure to chime in if you drop by. You've all been so quick to catch on, maybe it's time to start with a minimum ante? Just enough to make it fun. We use memory chips, so you can start with some inconsequential memories, like what you had for breakfast last Thursday. Something you'll never miss.

The game keeps rolling! Drop by the library any night after 9.

Match Match
7/1/2016 6:38pm

Yes! I agree! A most enjoyable night. And wonderful to have the company of the suave and stylish @Chesterfield. That man knows his way around around a Tarot Deck.

Let the game continue!

Match Match
6/30/2016 6:32pm

Did someone say Tarot Cards?

Perhaps you'd like to join us for a friendly game of Tarot Card Match Match tonight, @ty lectrik? It's not so scary, if you don't mind holding your future in your hands. We'll play non-binding doubling, so you won't have to worry about losing aspects of yourself.

We meet in the library at 9. Ask anybody for directions. Bring a friend!

6/10/2016 11:47pm

On Friday nights, why not play Match Match with tarot cards? All it takes is two 78 card decks, and space to lay out all 156. I prefer the Dodecagonal Spread, but Piotr prefers the Harshad. Either way, it's all about figuring out the rhythm and the wavelength of the board, and not taking it personally. Especially when they keep changing places.

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