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1/30/2023 10:25pm

Uptown Ami here. It's so loud I can barely type! At yet another show of studded leather jacket wearing rhino head guys playing powersaw core. Well not always rhino headed. Sometimes big battle masks, alien warlords, demons. All the real thing. They play in warrens of burnt out concrete basements and under bombed out bridges.

Dirk and Krystal and Hegemony have handfuls of various currencies they've been able to scrap up during their time here, so they buy the drinks.

"Yeah emo-land is on the outskirts of all this," Dirk says, gesturing with a tin cup filled with purple froth. "But where you want to go is on the whole other side."

"There's a show they say that leads to EVERYWHERE," Krystal says with a dreamy look in her eye.

"Maybe that includes your airport?" Hegemony says, swirling her froth. "Or at least a place we've heard of called 'Red Rocks.' Maybe you've been there?"

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1/12/2023 11:41pm

Uptown Ami here. I ended up at an emo show from the early 2000's. New Appliance. This particular live musical performance era was always in my top 3 (ok maybe my #1) though I could never find a gate to it. But when you fall off the tether you can end up in weird places.

Hanging out after the show, I discovered these early 2000 emos had their own network of gates, totally separate from ours, which explains how we couldn't find them. But GUESS WHAT their network isn't even connected to shows in our universe at all -- it's completely in these weird dystopian universes, like where bands have to play literally underground in bombed out cities not to get arrested by the robot morality thought police or whatever.

Which means I'm kind of stuck! Because there's no way to climb back up a broken tether. So I'll keep hanging out with Dirk and Krystal and Hegemony I guess and try and figure something out.

1/6/2023 11:42pm

Uptown Ami here, camping out at Denver Fictional Airport with my crew: the Flight Attendants.

We live in the Airports. We travel the gates to all the times and places that crazy mixed up bowl of macaroni tubes will take us.

We're just grabbing a bite at the Wolfgang Puck's before heading to Winterland, San Francisco, June 9th, 1977.

If you're not ready yet that's cool. We'll be back! See you then.