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2/25/2016 3:34pm

I should not have walked through that door.

It was made of oak, a deep, cherry red oak door with ivory handles and brass hinges. It sort of...glowed. When I found it, well, imagine my surprise! It's not often a glowing door appears in your bathroom while you brush your teeth.

Since I've entered, I seem to have lost something. Something I held dear and close to my heart, like a happy memory, or my left lung. Not that I would know, if I was, how can I remember something that isn't there?

Apparently I've been gone for two months? How does that happen? Whatever this door was, it wasn't normal. I woke up in my Freshman Biology of Lungfish class in the middle of a lecture, but I had none of my supplies or other things to take notes on. It was as if I'd walked through the door and stepped into a new time. I'm anxious to get back to my dorm and check on Ted, if it really has been two months, he must be feeding himself by now, and that could be disastrous. I'm also itching to see if the door is still there.

In the meantime, I'm completing todays classes and trying to find out just what happened while I was away. Apparently I was donned student of the month. Did I know that before I left? Did I know anything before I left?

I'm sorry to have missed that. I was so looking forward to the blooding rituals and the chanting done on my behalf.

Gotta go now, so...until next time.

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12/4/2015 8:06am

So, I tried to feed a piece of cake to Ted, since he continuously begged for some through means of shouting and whimpering, and he proceeded to throw it out of the window. Well, he tried to, anyway. I saw it coming right before he took the plate in his mouth and tossed it, so I was able to catch it as soon as the it left his jaws. I just shrugged. More cake for me. I did consider for only a second WHY Ted would throw the cake, but shook it off quickly. Why question the cake, when I can eat the cake?

Thank you, @Pearline for the congrats. I'm having cake later in my room to celebrate, since, well, I don't consider myself composed of Student of the Month material. Oh well. It's still an amazing honor, and I'm really excited to join the ranks of those higher students. Have you tried the cake? Eat the cake. Trust me. The cake is great. It tastes...indescribable. You know the taste, it's that...nutty, kind of...burnt coconut taste. Sort of. Just, just taste it. You'll love it. You'll want to start eating it. You'll never want to stop. You'll buy all the cake. But, don't get me wrong, it's great!

Everyone should eat the cake. Why doesn't everyone eat it? I mean, I guess those who do are currently locked in their room, like I am. So, that makes sense. Still.

Maybe I should pull myself away from the cake, since, being Student of the Month and all, I owe it to myself and others around me to pull myself away from...but, no, the cake is fine. I can do this and enjoy cake. I mean, how hard can it be to balance cake and work? Cake and school? Cake and life? Cake and cake? Not hard, not hard at all.

In the meantime, I'll continue to feed Ted his insects, and I'll continue going to classes where the professors can stand me. Most of them...hiss at me...when I enter the room. I guess I...smell like the cake. Just a bit.

Until next time.

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11/30/2015 9:48am

Is this a joke? I called home and all I heard my mother say was buy more cake. Ted keeps begging me for a bite, but I refuse. He's a bush, he doesn't need it, I do. Right? Maybe I'll give him a piece.

The professors have banned it from the classroom. They hiss and spit if anyone walks through the door with it. Still, it doesn't stop some people. There's something about the taste, that don't want it put it down. You don't want to stop eating. Maybe there's something wrong with it...maybe I more cake...

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11/25/2015 11:00am

The seance was a huge success!

Ted had a wonderful time, nestled in his new pot and watching in wonder as we summoned perfectly a ghost appeared before us and i it was I w an b but that was about it. Other than that, it was a normal seance.

Look, apparently my journal cant handle the facts from the night previous, and I'm really sorry about that. I may buy a new one soon with stronger pages and more will to live. That should help it some.

I went home yesterday with Ted, and found....a lot of cake. Apparently I had bought it before the seance and stashed it here. But why on earth would I do that? I tried to give some to Ted, but he sniffed it and then pushed it away disdainfully. More for me, then.

And when I say more, I mean, MORE. I can't get enough of that cake. I've noticed a few others who cant, either, but I'm not worried. The cafeteria always, always has enough.

Until next time.

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11/20/2015 4:33pm

I've been invited to a seance this weekend, with someone who quite obviously knows their ghosts! I cant wait! Of course I accepted, was...a bit awkward. @Pearline was barely starting the question before I was gasping and saying, "Really? I can come?" Sorry about that. I was already excited, and wasn't aware I was even using my powers.

You see, I got Ted a present. It's a pot! All blue and gold, his favorite colors. I want to move him inside, as the cold bite of winter will soon be moving in, and I really don't want him to suffer. I'll show him later this afternoon, I'll pull it up in a new red wagon and show him, all fitted up with new soil and everything. I just know he'll love it! Maybe I'll take him to the seance. He doesn't get a lot of exposure to the world, seeing as he's literally rooted to one spot, and has been all his life.

I hope my new roommate doesn't mind Ted. I know he won't bother her, but still. Some people can't stand plants who have a conscious.

I'm missing my hair brush, but I'm sure it'll turn up. Speaking of hair, I think I might get mine cut. It's grown a bit long, and my afternoon class has been cancelled for some secret professor ritual we cant talk about for more than a sentence. But...first, I think I'll have some more of that cake. I really....I really like that cake. It has a distinctive...non flavorful flavor.

It's almost addictive.

Until next time.

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11/18/2015 7:46am

The seance was a total disaster.

We summoned a demon.

I'm sorry.

At least it wasn't MY group.

We summoned a ghost like we were supposed to.

I went to get more cake after the whole thing blew over.

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11/17/2015 8:18am

I was very glad to meet @Rogue today as I was leaving my room! I introduced myself and Ted, and told her she's welcome to stay in the room for as long as she needs. Then I left to the cafeteria.

They had a distinct flavor of cake today for dessert, and although it was distinct and very obvious what the flavor was, I cannot name it. I mean, if you ate it, you'd instantly know what it is, but the name of it will forever be at the tip of your tongue, just...unknown. We've all eaten it before.

I took my distinctly flavored cake out to the courtyard with me to meet some of the new students. But, per usual, no one really wanted to talk to me, so I ended up leaving with the food and heading towards Ted. I remember sighing as I sat down, Ted stretching to meet my outstretched hand as I pet him.

Later I returned to the dorm and worked on a few assignments. Looks like tomorrow we have a seance to do. Hopefully it will go a little better than that fateful first day of school.

Until next time.

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11/16/2015 8:07am

I've been thinking more on Ted lately. I didn't really question his existence when I first met him, I just kind of...stepped out of his biting range. But now I it possible that Ted was once human? Perhaps he's a ghost who found a body of sorts to live in. But no...that wouldn't make sense, ghosts don't eat insects or bite people. So maybe he's not a ghost. Maybe he was never human at all. What if he's from another dimension? Some creature ripped from his home and spat into a confusing atmosphere full of strange creatures and the smell of pencil shavings? I can understand why he'd bite at us, if that were the case. I'd bite if I was a cornered animal, too.

I'll confront him about it, but...he's just a bush, so, don't expect a response. I don't.

As I went back to my room, I saw that @Rogue was up and about. The telltale sign was the string tied to my doorknob. I wasn't sure what this stranger was doing, or if I should be worried, but I climbed under the sting as I opened the door and left it there, anyway. Perhaps she was exploring, and didn't wish to get lost. Didn't I read a fairy tale about that once?, they used breadcrumbs, but it was basically the same thing.

The chips and soda were gone, so, I hope that helped them. As for my bed, I was glad to have it back, and I fell down onto it as I pulled this journal out.

I should probably go to the cafeteria. I haven't eaten in the past four days. I wonder why that is.

Until next time.

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11/14/2015 6:52am

Turns out Ted was letting them. Huh.

I'd still like to know who did it. I'm not angry anymore...heh...sorry about that little rant, by the way...but if someone else is visiting Ted, I'd love to meet them!

I went back to my dorm to find a confused @Rouge in my bed, asleep. I dropped my things by the bed and went to take a shower. I'd seen the kid around, and he wasn't doing any harm, so I let him sleep. I even put out a bag of chips and a soda for him if he woke up. I...I hope he eats that stuff.

In other news, my parents sent me a post card today. It said, "Greetings From BEAUTIFUL Hawaii!!!" in a fancy handwriting. Seems like they go on a lot more vacations now that their "spoiler alert" son isn't around anymore. Seriously, dont watch movies with me. Right before anything happens, I'm so tuned in that I don't notice I'm seeing a few minutes in. I always jump from a scare before everyone, ruining the moment. But I don't try to. I AM learning to control that, now, as well, in one of my classes, so thats nice.

I'll leave the room now, and head off to my next class. The professor insists we show up early. Like, ten minutes early. I'll let the guy sleep a while.

Until next time.

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The Friendly Creature
11/12/2015 7:57am

Yeah, Ted produces berries. Is that an issue? It's not like I eat them, or anything, that'd be weird. Ted is my friend, I'd never abuse him like that. And as his friend, I have to say, I'm kind of worried for him. I oftentimes show up to feed him and find him already full. Is he learning to feed himself? Will he not need me around anymore? Or worse...will he not want me around anymore? I mean, he's still happy to see me, and we play great games of "I spy" when we visit, but...if he's learning to feed himself...

Well. I wont let it get to me. I feel like Ted will make the right decision. He likes me as a friend...right?

Besides. I wonder if maybe he isn't fending for himself, but if someone else is feeding him. I mean, he IS just a bush. It's not like he can suddenly dig into the ground and pull up earthworms and beetles for himself, right? Or maybe he learned to absorb them through his roots...? My point is, I'm not entirely sure this is all his doing. And if I find out someone has been...wait, are..are some of Ted's berries GONE?! Did someone pick his berries?! Who would have done that? Don't they know he's alive?! Don't they know those berries are a part of him? That they are as much a part of him as my arm is a part of me?!

I'll be back later, this is a serious issue, I need to see to it that Ted either let them do it, or the person who did it gets the revenge they deserve.

I have a feeling he let them.

He's nice like that.

Until next time.

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