What's Psyhigh? (from a Roleplayer)

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Luna Menahi
- 2/9/2021 7:37am

Ok, I don't know if this is real or not. If it is please tell me it would be very handy.

Jira, Clairvoyant
- 8/25/2023 6:47am

This was created as a joke fiction site, but I like to use this platform to:


Develop my character, personality/backstory ("Jira" is in a related universe and wants to be a psychic, so this is the perfect roleplay for her!).

Rarely, Jira would like to socialize on the site.

Erika LeRoq
- 8/25/2023 6:43pm

Yeah tell my knees they’re a joke, @Jira, Clairvoyant. After I solidified into basalt I had to have balljoints put in, but oh do they scrape! Doc says they’ll get smoothed out… in a few hundred years.

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