Underground Robot Fighting Ring

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Todd Munoz Jr.
- 12/26/2017 4:59pm

I heard there was a robot fighting scandal that brought down the Psychic Robotics department like 10 years ago. A bunch of teachers were fired and kids got expelled and now they all go to Mad Scientist High.

Estreya Harlow
- 12/20/2017 7:53pm

I recently switched dorms at Psyhigh, and my new neighbors are very loud. This led me to discover that they are running an underground fighting ring. I bribed my way in with a bag of blackhole chips. Their names are Felix and Menji.

Felix is a 6-foot demon boy who wears a leather jacket and steals money from the queen of England. Menji is a cyborg who has a monkey tail. Right now I am currently sitting on their couch enjoying some chips.

Does anyone know these guys? And should I be worried about this robot fighting ring?

Estreya Harlow
- 12/20/2017 7:46pm

Hello All!

I recently changed dorms at Psyhigh and it could not have been worse. The dorm I've moved into has some very loud neighbors. After a little investigation, it appears my neighbors are running some sort of underground robot fighting ring, and all the loud noises have been either robot death screeches or fights breaking out between the people who lost their money on poorly planned bets.

This was the last thing I was expecting of course and after my last incident, I decided it better to befriend my new neighbors instead of the very grim alternative. So as a way to befriend them I ordered a variety of foods, including blackhole flavored chips (everyone likes blackhole chips), and knocked on their door. Of course I needed to know the secret knock, but in the end, they let me in after I waved the bag of chips over the peephole.

Their names were Felix and Menji. Felix was a six-foot-tall demon boy who wore a leather jacket equipped with a quickdraw holster and seemed to have created his own personal portal that leads to the personal vault of the Queen of England. Menji seemed to be a cyborg and had his own monkey tail.

Right now I'm sitting on their couch and we are eating the snacks I brought. Does anyone else know these two boys? Should I be worried about this robot fighting ring?

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