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V the poet
- 3/6/2024 3:30pm

I got my gear ready to head out. I wasn't able to stuff my hair inside my hoodie, but my bangs are so long they only help to hide my identity. When I used to talk to people in person, people said I looked like a girl. This usually followed by them getting kicked in the nuts by me.

I decided against wearing jeans, but I only have one pair of non-jeans. They're really small, as I haven't worn them in ages, and it feels skintight. Oh well, at least I'm hidden.

But not enough. The sweatpants are so small they barely go below my knees. I wear a very long pair of socks to balance it out. I make sure I'm wearing the most comfortable shoes I own, and I throw a black sweater over it all just to be safe. I look in the mirror and can't help but feel like I look kind of stupid.

Maybe that's just feelings of dread that I am expressing at being in the presence of people for the first time in...oh I can't even remember.

I'm pretty short, but I'm not overweight. It's hard to determine my age or gender, which is exactly the look I'm going for. The less they know, the better.

I grab the leaf with the note on it, then slowly creak open my door. It needs some WD-40, because I haven't used it in ages, it makes plenty of sounds.

I silently slip out of my room, and begin to reconsider as I stare at the bookcase.

No backing out now...

I tread to my location under the cover of night. Luckily I know the location of the dorm of @Erika LeRoq, so it'll be a quick trip.

I arrive at their doorstep. A small plaque reads "LeRoq" on it. I'm terrified, and slightly trembling in fear, debating whether or not I should change my voice.

At the time of writing, I have knocked on Erika's door and am silently waiting for a response. I hope that they're there...

V the poet
- 3/6/2024 5:56am

I found a leaf slipped under my door. I didn't even hear anybody come by.

The letter is in some language I can't read. Why couldn't it just be in English? I mean, you learn ONE alien language and now that's all you speak! Geez...

I have an idea...a stupid one, but an idea nonetheless. I'm going to have to leave my tower, but I'm prepared. I have a nice, heavy set of clothing.

The first person I need to ask is LaRoq. She generously gave the note to me. Didn't know stone could move so quietly.

But first, I'm going to get some writing done. I will leave under cover of night.

Erika LeRoq
- 3/5/2024 9:45pm

The sprouts of spring made me restless after my long winter's nap. The plum blossoms, the crocuses, the March Violets. It's also the time when Mars comes out, which is mostly made of lava. Old cold lava. Which is what I'm made out of too, so it makes me more active.

Which is why I was on a stroll near the dorms, leaving heavy footprints in the mud, when I found a plaintive petunia asking for a folded leaf to be delivered to one @V the poet in the scary old tower on lower campus. Must be quite a hermit as I'd never heard of them.

The scary old tower has been there for a long time though. And it's a mess, with mail piled up against the front door and down the walk to the gardens. Letters pouring out the tiny tower windows. Letters blowing in the cold air like snow.

I slipped the folded leaf under the door and trudged on.

Solanaceae P.
- 3/1/2024 9:46pm

Hey there! Help a petunia out?

I got a letter smuggled out of the greenhouse, scribbled on an old pumpkin leaf. It's addressed to @V the poet, Scary Old Tower, Lower Campus. But as you can see I'm kinda stuck here in this planter with my other patch mates.

Do you think you could deliver it for me? There's a coupon for a 12 pack of Baja Blast in it for you.

- 2/24/2024 11:12pm


All of my favourite clothes are green. Plus, I don't think I look like I could cause trouble. What a lame new rule...

I will continue to wear my best green trousers, unaffiliated.

Ms. Hazeltine
- 2/22/2024 11:52pm

Dear students,

As you are aware, Psychic High School has had generally unrestricted dress code for many years. This is partially to accommodate the wide range of physical forms our students (and staff) have, but also because the supplier that made our specially resilient uniforms had to close due to supply chain issues.

While the school remains largely unafraid of clothing, we are temporarily banning the wearing of "green jeans," or "jeans that are green." The school has learned that the wearing of "green jeans" is a sign of being involved with a criminal cult that has recently been targeting our botanical students and staff, not to mention the landscaping.

Any student found wearing "green jeans" will be asked to remove them immediately.

Don't get caught with your pants down! And leave your "green jeans" in your drawers till this arc reaches its satisfying conclusion.


A. Hazeltine
Student Activities Coordinator

- 2/19/2024 11:58pm

Yeah it was me and my crew who was responsible for the dousing of the plants on campus. I told the psycops everything. We were just looking for some extra psybercoin, and the guy online said we'd just need to walk around campus and start pouring out the sauce he sent in the big green barrels. So we filled our stanleys and started pouring. And I'll admit we mighta got to sippin a bit of the juice ourselves. We didn't mean any harm by it, but that fella never got around to payin' us either. We're owed! Said his name was... DOCTOR GREENJEANS.

*hic!* Anybody mind if I just defoliate a bit? Maybe out in that dirt behind the library?

Mr. Blume
- 2/13/2024 5:19am

Due to recent instances of chaos and confusion, I would like to clarify a few things.

No, there is not a rave or ritual going down in the greenhouse. No matter how much I wish I could go back to how things were and do all the fun parties of my youth, I am simply not as young as I was all those centuries ago.
This noise is due to some recent break ins via Hyperlink portals. Don't worry, the broken glass, loud noises, random floods of carbonated drinks, and strange black liquid that keeps decorating the walls will eventually stop once these random portals stop showing up. (I still wonder how they get them in the ceiling...)

The greenhouse will be open soon enough. If I can get permission, I might be able to reopen with some rules.

2. no touching any plants, portals, or anything that comes OUT of the portal
3. please be respectful of the various plant-like creatures. Due to the portals, some things have been mixing and mutation, creating living, breathing, walking, talking plant creatures similar in genetic makeup to me. I will be running tests on them at night
4. DO NOT ENTER THE GREENHOUSE BETWEEN 8:45 PM AND 2:30 AM. No matter what you hear, do not open those doors. No matter how loud my screams get...

Solanaceae P.
- 2/9/2024 11:40pm

Hey there! Me and my buddies here in this planter, we're Petunias. And we're FAMILY.

It's kinda chilly out -- do you think you could maybe take us home to your cozy dorm room and let us hang out a little? Maybe spare a little Mountain Dew?

Erika LeRoq
- 2/6/2024 9:20pm

I was really enjoying my winter sit-through on lower campus. The gardens are very quiet this time of year so I can be still, dreaming stone dreams. Through the rain, through the snow. Little birds perching on me now and then.

But there was such a racket at the greenhouse.

My basalt ball joints creaked and scraped, but after a few tries I was able to stand and eventually stomp my way to the greenhouse. What is going on in there? The moaning and the smashing. It's all roped off with pink psycurity tape so I didn't figure I should open it, but is it safe? Sounds like it's full of wild animals.

Guess I'll look for somewhere else to sit through the rest of the winter. Somewhere quieter.

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