Psychic Snacks

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Wheat Genetic
- 11/27/2018 6:46pm

Truth Sprinkles!

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Skittle Burnen
- 11/23/2018 8:59pm

Asymptotic Gum. It never completely loses its flavor. You can go crazy wondering how many chews it takes. Every year some kid wears out their jaw and has to go to the hospital and there's an outcry to have the gum removed from shelves or only sold at the specially restricted psychic convenience stores, but it never goes anywhere.

- 11/21/2018 8:57pm

I love grilled cheese! psychic or not :D. feed me! we will be great friends!

Reginald Peafarmer
- 11/19/2018 7:59pm

My grilled cheese sandwich is psychic. I use it to read people, and see how much I'm going to like them. Like a tape measure. It's been in my pocket for weeks.

I think we're gonna get along fine.

Jimmy the Egg
- 11/15/2018 5:23pm

I suggest trying a Different Orange. That old Orange just doesn’t capture the spirit of our time. It’s bland, and lacks the level of urgency we seek in the hippest psychic snacks today.

Ok, full disclosure, my dad works in the psychic snack industry and they’ve already charted out all the Oranges they’re going to roll out over the next five years!! Don’t be taken in!! I heard him taking to the Orange of the Year committee and it’s all a scam—they are all Different Oranges!! It all depends on the quality of the techilogy at the closest Orange production facility to you on the psychic snack logistics chain. Quality control for Orange is virtually nonexistent. There’s no telling what Orange you’ll actually get. All the best psychic snacks are Monochrome anyway.

Dat Green Boi
- 11/10/2018 6:10pm

I luv me a Tacoma Cucumber. When I need to get cool and translucent, I sink my little buck teeth into a Tacoma Cuke and get all jellied at the station, like I’m a watery statue, fluid yet frozen in time, with little minnows swimming inside me.

Waiting for the train on the wooden bench, parents tell their children not to stare, but they can’t help it because I’m so see-through and smooth.

Carmen Navarro
- 11/7/2018 8:55pm

Every year I buy many boxes of 3D Girl Scout Cookies from the 3D Girl Scouts in the cafeteria. They are so realistic!

Skittle Burnen
- 11/3/2018 2:49pm

Magnificent Golden Bears! Honey jelly Golden Bears! Shimmery glimmery Golden Bears!

Marching through the city, as tall as telephone poles, they are jolly and soft and silent as snow falling.

Do you hear their enlightening laughter?

- 10/31/2018 8:59pm

Human Snacks are awful! my favourite Treats would have to be Satisfa-cat-ory. Well, you humans like what you like, and us cats like what we like, so I'm not complaining.

- 10/27/2018 4:29pm

I had adequate experiences with Potent Bar Cakes. It gives me energy lots of energy to continue my high-dimensional travelling as I astral project often, it resets my down time and prevents my from getting inter-dimensional flu. There is only two things I hate about... it smells, and it doesn't possess any taste at all.

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