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- 10/29/2018 5:05pm

If this is happening, it is either a system error or the scanner picking up intent to take an evil book or something like that without educational purpose. If its a system error, tell the library manager. if its the other thing, clear your mind of anything and the scanner shouldn't pick up anything bad.

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Rose Nomenclature
- 10/28/2018 5:03pm

Can anyone explain the numbering system that the Library uses? It’s like Dewey Decimal, but each one has infinite digits and the numbers move around.

- 10/27/2018 5:47pm

Also, it sounds like I’m getting the book myself. Of course not. I’ve placed orders which have been accepted to get them. Now I wait and wait. :)

- 10/27/2018 5:45pm

It seems that I’m closer to getting the book than I thought, as it I should rumoured to have a copy held in their very own Psychic High schools lending library and av Center! Much easier than getting it from the Vatican library!
At least when I get the book while I’m doing everything it contains a really good romance novel. Can’t wait to read that part.
I really can’t wait!

- 10/26/2018 6:19pm

Everything has been falling into place.
It’s funny how people are so gullible.
Ever since the reality-munchers such as @Owwart Hingus 99b Joined me in order to restore the old-world, I’ve been able to take over the ever growing Children of the void. I’ve become the leader and kept it a secret, making changes every day.
I’ve turned their World Mindwave Network into a Mind Control Network, and made them believe cessation is something that will benefit I need help humanity, when the only people that it would help is me and the reality-munchers.
Oh I wish so much my brother was here to see how far I got.
Now the only thing I need is that book and our world will be back.....

Meemo Skinks
- 10/26/2018 5:09pm

I think it's really clear that the Children of the Infinite Void are the victims here. We just went to the Happy Apple Festival and brought @Owwart Hingus 99b and his friends so they could chew a few holes in reality and bring about The Cessation. Because isn't that what everybody wants?

We've told the PsychPolice we're interested in pressing charges against those Elvis wrestler guys, who are obviously illegal immigrants, but now they can't find them. See how useless our Earth institutions are? REMMMMEMMMMBERRRRR!!!

The whole thing has resulted in a bunch of changes at the very top levels of administration for the Children of the Infinite Void. The Musky Horned One is out, and has been replaced by a sinister hissing on the World Mindwave Network. It's really comforting, once you get used to it. We are awaiting new instructions so we can get on with The Cessation and really get the most out of our tactical void wear.

There's no rush though. The void really is infinite, and isn't going anywhere.

Kimball Star
- 10/22/2018 9:01am

“I’m just a simple guy trying to make a simple living.”

The Tappan Zee Minotaur sits in his cheap motel room. The place is saturated with his musky odor.

“So I do these shows, but something always goes wrong. Trouble seems to follow me.”

I didn’t see any reason for the cuffs. I was hanging out near his tent at the Happy Apple Festival, and when things went crazy he was as confused as everybody else. I got him out of there in the Squad Pod and whisked him back to his motel. He’s a mess.

“So you’re going to take me in? At this point I don’t even care. I’m probably safer back in the cooler.”

Extradition and deportation is the usual course for illegal cross-dimensional immigration like this, in the absence of malign intent. In this case, the Minotaur was just a pawn in a much bigger game. Witness protection might be in order.

In any case, my own cover might be blown. If anybody saw me walking the Minotaur to the Squad Pod they’ll know I’m not really a clueless student, but Kimball Star, Interplanetary Secret Service Agent.

- 10/21/2018 11:13pm

*Transmisson Incoming*
Hello All
Terra Here.
Im afraid, i know too much.
Watching everything fold out is painful.
The thing is, no destruction is going to happen.
Infact, its more of a collision.
Prepare your best, because
The Cessation is near.

Now for what is coming up.
The overloaded stage is over.
Overloaded Pt.2 (aka alternate universe) is a massive hint to what is coming. (maybe Izzy aka. Cara shouldnt have gotten that newspaper.....)
I recommend setting up advanced disease barriers for Cessation: Intial Wave. Mutations are highly likely from these diseases, and loss of brain control is too.
@K.K. Foxhart Will be selling Whatplaceisthis?'s, and i highly recommend them.
The Intial wave should last for about 2 days, but will return every weekend, until 100 years later.
This all can be prevented. Safeguard it. dont let anything or anyone near it. You dont know what Cara has learnt. no doubt she will be back to take it and the ensuing destruction caused by cessation will not be recoverable.
Ill post a map of Post-Cessation World soon, it will be on the discord.
*Please dont ignore this lol this is actually what i intended overloaded to lead up but i wasnt sure where it was going to go. so yea. basically magic book opens boom world goes into chaos now everything is themed (aka australia is a arid clockwork wastleland.)*
*Transmission Ended*
Good luck :) - Terra

Aubrey Holes
- 10/21/2018 6:57pm

My sweetie @Meemo Skinks sure took a beating at the Happy Apple Festival. Who knew it would turn out to be a gang fight? The buses stopped rolling and the whole place was in lockdown overnight. And then the festival closed.

As far as Meemo told me, the Children of the Void were just there to have a good time, and express their First Amendment rights by unleashing the Wandering Terror on the midway. @Owwart Hingus 99b and all the other Owwart Hinguses got to visit the apples and the animals and the booths and the rides when the got jumped by a bunch of gang members. So then the Children of the Void joined in and there was a huge brawl and ultimately the other gang ran away.

I'm in his dorm room holding ice on Meemo's head and changing his dressings. They're thinking about a lawsuit.

Kristi Parlance
- 10/20/2018 6:45pm

The Happy Apple Festival was huge fun and everybody should go! My friend has a station wagon that goes the speed of light, so we drove but not at light speed because it was too close and it’s really easy to overshoot. Usually when you use light speed to get around locally because you’re late and you think it will be a shortcut it isn’t because you keep spending time backing up and trying and missing again.

Anyway we got there and the sun was just setting and the sky was purple and the clouds were cantaloupe and the lights in the rides were just turning on and you could smell the electricity leaking out of all the old wires. We played a game where you try to throw hoop over stretched out pop bottles and won one and then tried to get the derringer out of the claw crane toy catcher but couldn’t. We didn’t talk to any fortune tellers because we weren’t ready for that kind of commitment.

The thing you have to see is the Lumichrome Luchadores Lumière — the Luchadores of Light! The have jumpsuits that light up and they jump around doing kung fu and shooting out beams of light while they fight these little blobs of darkness dudes. They’re like toddlers dressed up in black body suits and the LLL knock them around all over the midway. Everybody cheers and the Luchadores grow brighter and brighter until they get in formation and shoot into the sky in a big beam of light! It’s huge.

Ya gotta go!

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