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Basilton Pitch
- 1/1/2020 8:34am

@Mary Agnes, there's nothing to be ashamed of, like I said before, void traps are comfortable to live in. If your terribly worried about the students that might be in them, I could help you get them out of the well and disarm them.

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Mary Agnes
- 12/25/2019 8:19pm

While I have not been able to find any more of those terrible void traps, I have become concerned about the missing students that I might have thrown down that well. 

@Basilton Pitch says that it is very comfortable to be in a void trap and that it is a magical place where all your needs are taken care of. I think it must be a very nice place but are they not missing their other friends and family that were not also caught in the void traps with them?

Somehow I can’t help but feel somewhat responsible. 

Hey there’s a special on spiced cider and Christmas Nut tonight only at the Spoonbender  who wants to meet me there?

Basilton Pitch
- 12/12/2019 1:49pm

The spicd agaric tea was purely delgihtful, being that I have nvr tride smoe. It taste like my mother cinmon rols, nd th efecs are gr8. I'm still quit farly undr th influnce of th shrrooom, tho i cant sem to undrstrand y? tH unicorn in my rom keps telin me im fine, but my romate, @Remy dosnt beleve me. They r stdyin fo thre cow test tomorow, so i undrstnd why they mght be mad.

aNwHo, i wnted to thnk u, @Mary Agnes , fr th teeaa. im sry to leve you so son, but my tedy ber wants to ask me a smthn....

Mary Agnes
- 12/8/2019 2:31pm

It totally agree about those void traps being cruel and unusual, which is why when I find them I have been dropping them into that old well in the woods.

"Hey! Are you sure those are empty?"

It was @Basilton Pitch, hanging around the edge of the clearing around the well.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Not much," he replied. "Just observing from afar." He said he was a former student at the International Institute of Not Doing Much so not doing much came naturally to him. "But you need to check those traps before you throw them into the well."

"Check them for what?"

"In case they've got people in them! You've got to shake them around a little and if you hear any banging or yelling then they've got people stuck in them on accident."

"Oh I didn't know."

I must have thrown a dozen traps down that well.

"Also," he added, "see how the ground is kind of torn up around here? Like a path? Well those aren't pebbles, they're pixels. So don't step there."

I hadn't really noticed the ground being torn up either.

"Hey want to go to the Spoon Bender for some spiced agaric tea?" I asked.

"Sure," he said.

And so we did.

King Burr
- 11/28/2019 3:32pm

I have been disabling traps as I go through the campus. Making sure no one and no thing gets trapped and possibly hurt by it. I'm scared of someone getting seriously injured... or possibly worse.

As I went through the campus, after a weeks break to come calm and some coaxing from @Osore Satou, I have gotten more than half of the traps. Passing @lessie bonfire as she did the same. I did not exchange words.

Yet, as I go through and remove the traps I began to hear weird and distorted thoughts. It comes in like a harsh static and has an energy of being lost or confused. Now it wasn't the same as the receptionist in the office, that is more of a echoing voice.

I shrugged it off the first time. Sometimes I hear things in Radio waves or possibly another student fussing and crying over not being able to figure out homework or study for a final.

The normal stuff.

Yet, as I went around the ground, I saw him. He stood around 6'9" and my height being 6'3" it was massive for me.He was wandering around, circling one spot and he must have been there a while seeing how the grass had worn away. Or more of, pixeled away? It was odd, the grass below his feet seemed to glitch then turn into square pixels and fall back to the ground.

I attempted to get the mans attention, thinking maybe he was a student maybe affected by the traps, but as I got closer the static screeching in my head go worse.

It gave me a migraine that was skull splitting.

Yet, the closer I got the easier to was to understand him. It got easier and easier.

Despite my head wanting to bust open he was speaking to me clearly, give or take a few glitches, and he told me what he wanted.


Aggie Chandler
- 11/25/2019 8:32pm

The cats have started sleeping in my room. Staying in my room, actually. @Leslie Bonfire, please just stop it with these traps. People are becoming affected, and I now have ten void-cats living with me. Three of them are only eight months old, and one of them is pregnant. (Yes, Luna and Jay are having kittens!! Yay!! :D) Just stop this madness, please. For everyone’s sake.

Osore Satou
- 11/25/2019 4:29pm

@Leslie Bonfire I find it funny that you're attempting to blame us three for the other innocent students at psyhigh getting caught in traps YOU set because you can't just let these beings (who haven't harmed a soul, by the way, unlike you) mind their business. If anyone's roommates vanish, please contact @Leslie Bonfire because they're the one who has endangered our community with their unnecessary traps. God forbid there be something on this campus that we don't understand. Oh, wait, there's PLENTY of things on our campus that's straight-up weird. Funny.

Masaaki is doing well, by the way. I don't know about the other poor void creatures but I've informed Masaaki that, if he can contact and communicate with them, to convince them all to run away and perhaps find a safer and more accepting place to call home. I don't believe psyhigh is safe for them anymore with all these people trying to trap these poor creatures just because they don't understand what they are. Masaaki stays very close to me when we're both on campus now, and even follows me to classes. Luckily I've discovered that he can actually change his size to an extent, and makes himself small enough to fit in my backpack so he won't get me in trouble. He's incredibly kind.

Please, if you have a heart, continue to disable @Leslie Bonfire's traps to save the lives of these poor creatures. Masaaki has been nothing but an amazing and loving friend to me, and I'm so scared for him and the other creatures. Don't play into the crazy blabbering of this student, because none of these creatures have done anything to warrant imprisonment.

Leslie Bonfire
- 11/24/2019 7:13pm

I'd like to apologize to the entire Spirit Team, and their coach, Ms. Spaeckle, for being inadvertently caught in one of my void traps. Guess I forgot about the one under the bleachers at Woodhull field!

I'm collecting all the traps that have accidentally collected students and faculty, and as soon as I hear back from the manufacturer everyone will be safely released!

In the meantime, I hear the proto-void space inside the traps can be a wonderful place to visit. A regular VOIDcation if you know what I mean! But do keep an eye out for any of the traps I've forgotten the location of until we get this sorted out.

Aggie Chandler
- 11/19/2019 1:22pm

@Leslie Bonfire, see? This is what I was talking about. These traps are a danger to the students, animals, and beings at Psyhigh. We're lucky that your roommate has been the only thing caught in one of these traps. (That we know of) I wish you the best of luck in getting her out of the trap. I hope that you will soon end this meaningless pursuit.

Wooba Song
- 11/18/2019 5:24pm

So this is my first journal entry, and it seems pretty cool. I’ve been trying to set a few void traps like I’ve heard about (@Leslie Bonfire), and they seem pretty successful. There was a dark dog/blob thingy in one. I’m a bit nervous about going to PsyHigh, especially because everything is so new, but it seems awesome and I can’t wait to post more in my journal!

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