Are Those Pixies in the Garden?

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Tamara Cowslip
- 8/25/2018 1:46pm

Can’t everyone see what @Holly Hock is doing??!! She’s taking everyone’s most basic fears and using “examples” completely out of context to get everyone riled up and blame the Pixies for things that aren’t even real!! The more that she and her idiotic friends Fern, Daphne, Nina, and Nutty (appropriately named) babble on about it the more they incite other (less discerning) fairies and I’m afraid something dangerous could happen.

And about the Pixies getting so plump... there’s something fishy about that. I really wish @Serafina Wolfsbane and the witches could look into it.

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Holly Hock
- 8/19/2018 9:32pm

I'm quite sure that EVERYONE can now see what I mean about those foul and dirty pixies. Even after the wonderful reception (put on by @Tamara Cowslip don't forget!) it's clear those pixies are ungrateful, obnoxious slobs, and are now threatening to TRULY destroy the fabric of our community. This is because of their terrible gluttony and now their tremendous size! They are smashing the flowers, crashing through the twigs and leaves, and just generally making a terrible, dirty mess out of our garden, just like they did in their homeland. Really, something must be done about this menace. That's why Nina Cereal, Daphne Dill, Fern, Nutty Feely, and myself will be coming door-to-door this week asking for your signatures to take action against this scourge. We must act before it's too late!

Alpine Aster
- 8/15/2018 10:24pm

Yodel-ay-ee yodel-ay-ee yodel-Ooooo!

Well I know it's not right to speak about the pixies' weight behind their backs. SHOO PIXIE! SHOO! *smash* OWWWWW! But let me tell you ever since eating @Holly Hock's special desserts at the Pixie Welcome Brigade they have become as big as bowling balls! And just as heavy. If they can get airborne at all it is only for a moment and then they SMASH down on the ground leaving a great big dent! Many of my leetle flower friends have been crushed, and I have to shoo the pixies out into the woods or they will smush them all! Not to mention my toes, which the pixies have a tendency to land on when they try to whisper in my ear. *smash* OWWWWWW!!!

Maybe it is that your fairy food here in the gardens is too rich for pixies? They keep squeaking and moaning and getting bigger and uglier each day. And so hungry oh my my they are eating up all the ferns and pinecones! They won't be happy till @Holly Hock makes more of her delicious treats yes I am sure of it.


Esmeralda Featherton
- 8/8/2018 6:39pm

I know there are “rules” about fairy food, but I took fairy food intolerance pills before the potluck so I figured everything would be ok. @Holly Hock’s desserts were just so tasty!! She said she made them especially for the Pixies and they did seem to love it. Isn’t she nice?

But ever since that party I’ve felt super bloated, and none of my clothes seem to fit anymore so I’ve just been wearing this muumuu I got from the psychic lost & found.

@Serafina Wolfsbane was there anything in your mom’s Enchanted Creatures book about fairy food antidotes? Or at least a fairy food antacid?

Alpine Aster
- 8/4/2018 1:12pm


Thank you so much everyone for the delicious potluck last night! Ooooo my goodness what tasty vittles you have down here! In the highlands it's all just nectars and lichen and air, but @Holly Hock knows how to cook up the richest, most delectable desserts the pixies have ever tasted. Toasted Marshmallow Butterscotch Pie, Spam and Sausage Honey Torte, Caramel Satan Foot Dip, Blue Ginger Chocolate Truffle Eyeliner...

As their translator, the pixies wanted me to tell you all how much they appreciated your welcome party! Thank you to @Tamara Cowslip for putting it on, and to the fairies, the gnomes, the leprechauns, the banshees, the brownies, and even the witches @Serafina Wolfsbane and @Esmeralda Featherton for coming! The pixies feel very welcomed.

But oh how those pixies have gotten fat! They are bending my petals and squashing my leeetle purple aster friends flat. Maybe they must go on a hike to work off all these extra calories!

Yodel-ay-ee yodel-ay-ee yodel-Ooooo!

Tamara Cowslip
- 7/31/2018 5:09pm

I want to make it very clear that @Holly Hock does NOT speak for all the fairies of the garden. Hell, she only speaks for herself and a VERY few fringe fairies. She's lived under a rock for centuries and didn't come out for the Troll Wars or the Dew Drop Shortage and didn't even help when the Moon fell down and we had to put it back! Only now she makes an appearance and it's just to bully those poor Pixies, who have had a hard enough time as it is.

Which is why I'm leading the Pixie Welcome Brigade, and we're having a potluck this Friday afternoon, in the big hollow tree next to the pine trees and the ferns. Make sure your food is Pixie-palatable, and we'll see you there.


Esmeralda Featherton
- 7/23/2018 8:48am

So I was getting nowhere in my Wee Folk Identification studies, but made a friend who's really an expert in these things, because she's a fairy herself! That's right, it's @Holly Hock, who's very beautiful and was eager to teach me all about the Fairies and their heritage. It seems the fairy folk are made up of a bunch of different fair folk races, like the Elves and the Gnomes and the Banshees and the Merpeople. But I didn't know how bad the Pixies were, did you? Holly says they just mess everything up. She says the Brownies are bad too. "Smelly, foul, and queer," she calls them.

Anyway, she sure is helping fill my lab book out right!

Esmeralda Featherton
- 7/14/2018 11:50pm

I failed Wee Folk Identification last semester so I'm retaking it this summer. I can't tell a Leprechaun from a Brownie, but I've got to fill out my lab notebook by the end of term.

@Serafina Wolfsbane, could you help me with my homework? It seems like you know something about them. If you could take me around the woods and point things out it would really help me a lot. I know a little bit about gems so maybe we could help each other?

Serafina Wolfsbane
- 7/10/2018 10:19pm

Dear diary,

The moondial in the courtyard across from the willow tree shows a Waning Crescent.

Unfortunately for us witches, this means that the New Moon is just a few days away. It's so frustrating that our powers don't work under a New Moon, how am I supposed to have fun if my powers don't work?

Anyway, I know I shouldn't have but I ditched Gemology class to explore the garden. Turns out, it's connected to a dense forest which is home to many rare and magical creatures! As much as I wanted to stay and explore, I had to make it back in time for my next class. Tease me if you wish but I'm a good girl who's never ditched class before, I'm telling the truth. Just because I skipped Gemology class doesn't mean I'll start skipping Potions, or Merfolk History, or Spellcasting class!

Moving on, I'm proud to say I stayed on track and managed to find a trail of tiny, wooden MOGGA signs. They were so small and cute I had to be careful not to step on them. I spotted pixies in the distance but they were hard to see because the father I traveled into the forest, the foggier my surrounding became. I heard squealing and I wonder if it came from them. I'm not sure if they're alright or not, they were deep within the fog and I was only able to see them due to their iridescence. Additionally, I found the source of the yodeling: a cottage encompassed by Alpine Aster, I walked passed it on my way back to school. I know for a fact somebody lives there because I saw smoke coming out from the chimney!

Needless to say, I'll definitely be returning soon.


Your favorite Witch

Tansy Ragwort
- 7/10/2018 1:58pm

Miss @Holly Hock, ma'am. I'm with the Fairy Police, and we've found these MOGGA signs all along the edge of the garden, near the pines and the ferns, which is your right as a member of the Fair Folk, ma'am, to express your opinions in the garden. But what I wanted to talk to you about are these Pixie traps we found in the same area. Now these are the ones with the sticky glue bottoms, and we already had a heck of a time getting a tree frog and a spider out of them, but if a Pixie were to get caught in one of those, well, it might be a bit dangerous for them. Do you know anything about these Pixie traps, ma'am?

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