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9/3/2015 5:30pm

so this is...a journal? huh..alright...well..i guess i shall tell my day? my day was alright school was eh like everyday. i had volleyball tryouts today and don't even get me started at how it went. i swear i was so nervous like i couldn't even do anything with out thinking i was doing something wrong..which i was probably was.the coach is a little strict and yeah i have tomorrow and Tuesday. i will probably get cut but its alright it was me trying something new. so yeah..... haha anyways...

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8/28/2015 6:08pm

hiiiiiii so i kinda don't know what to do on here...haha *nervous laugh* so...can someone help me? please? so ya..bye i gues.....

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8/25/2015 7:41pm

Ummmm....hey...well this is awkward...i like pizza...bye...

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